Partnerships In Ukraine


The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources has been working with Ukrainian universities and non-governmental organizations to teach about organic farming and energy economics.   Our cooperators are:

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Polissia National University


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Sumy State University




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Sumy National Agrarian University



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Multicultural Ukraine Exchange Network



Joint Lectures with Ukraine Universities

June 1: Prevention and Control of Avian Influenza, It is Easier Said Than Done

Guest Lecture by Dr. Nathaniel Tablante to Sumy National Agrarian University



Certificate Series: Ukrainian and Global Security Issues: Threats to Sustainable Development

Ukraine seriesRecordings:

  April 29: Gender, Agriculture and Food Security in Conflict Zones

  May 6: Іndustries 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 and socio-economic issues of security in a war  condition

  May 14: Energy security in Ukraine

  May 20: The impact of the war in Ukraine on global food security

  May 27: Changes in world food prices during the war in Ukraine

  June 3: Social Solidarity Economy of the EU: values and principles for sustainable development implementation



April 19, 2022: Ukraine Agriculture, Energy & Global Food Security

Presenters:   Dr. Vitalii Dankevych: The Impact of the War in Ukraine on Global Food Security (Polissia National University)
Dr. Anna Alberini: Energy Security and Ukraine (University of Maryland)
Emily Zobel: AGNR Organic Farming Project in Ukraine  (University of Maryland)
Moderator: Dr. James MacDonald, AREC, (University of Maryland)



Organic Farming

Project: Knowledge Transfer on Organic Farming and Climate Change in Agriculture

Partners: Multicultural Ukraine, Pluzhne Vocational Agrarian Lyceum, National University of Water Management and Environmental Engineering, and Ritter Bio Agro Group

University of Maryland Senior Agent Associate Emily Zobel is developing organic farming brochures and lectures to deliver to partners in Ukraine as part of the project.   This project aims to create a system of knowledge and experience transfer about organic farming from universities and agricultural companies to professional agricultural lyceums and schools. 

UPDATE: March 2022 -- the project is on hold due to the war in Ukraine.


Kick off: U.S.-Ukraine Organic Agriculture Project (Khmelytska oblast) 

(Exerted from MKUA website)


The project will develop teaching materials for teachers and students on various practical topics in organic farming, its relationship to climate change, and advanced approaches to greening agriculture, which are being researched and implemented by American educators. With the help of scientists from the National University of Water Management and Environmental Engineering, the agronomic disciplines of the lyceum will be supplemented with topics on organic agriculture, ecological and water issues of agriculture.


In addition, the Ritter Bio Agro business group will take an active part in the implementation of the project, on the farms of which only organic methods of growing crops have been used for more than 7 years. In particular, the lyceum plans to prepare a demo field for growing organic fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants. Leading national and foreign companies – suppliers of seeds, equipment and biological products will also join the process. Pupils, students, teachers of the lyceum and the university will jointly undergo field practice on the farms of the Ritter Bio Agro group and in the plant laboratory of the project partner. Communication support will be provided by the Pluzhne Territorial Community and the Khmelnytsky Oblast Regional Development Agency.