Symons Squad

Welcome! This page is dedicated to members of Symons Squad, a young alumni initiative in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (AGNR) at the University of Maryland. We hope you will join us in this adventure! 

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Symons Squad Involvement

Symons Squad Mission


Symons Squad aims to:

  • Involve young alumni (aimed at those under 40) in student recruitment and retention
  • Develop young alumni as ambassadors for AGNR in their communities, workplaces, and with stakeholder groups
  • Engage young alumni in academic opportunities and strategic initiatives of the college


As a result of your work with Symons Squad, we hope to:

  • Generate prospective student leads
  • Increase yield rates and retention rates
  • Increase AGNR visibility and that of alumni in their communities
  • Increase alumni attendance at events
  • Increase awareness of AGNR programs and initiatives
  • Generate engagement
  • Provide networking opportunities

Member Roles

Your Mission

What is Symons Squad, you may ask? You’ve been selected to be part of a special group of young alumni to build the future of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Maryland. As a member of Symons Squad, you will help us spread the word about AGNR and all we have to offer to prospective students, your community, and more. In addition, you’ll get to build your own professional network and advance the future of the college. As a Symons Squad Member, we ask you to:

  1. Get connected - Follow the College of AGNR on social media - Facebook (@UMDAGNR), Twitter (@UMD_AGNR), Instagram (@umd_agnr), and YouTube.
  2. Get even more connected! - Follow the AGNR Alumni Network on social media - Facebook (@AGNRAlumni), Twitter (@AGNRalumni) and Instagram (@umdagnralumni)
  3. Get informed - Review this handbook to understand your role, learn more about AGNR, and where to get resources to share.
  4. Get organized - Check out our calendar for opportunities for you to represent, connect, and recruit. 
  5. Get busy - Go out into the world and share what you’re doing!
  6. Report back - Share with us your efforts by filling out our Action Report form each time you share, represent, connect, and more! We want to see what you’ve been doing to put AGNR out into the world.

So get started already!

  1. Post about your new membership status in #SymonsSquad on Facebook and tag @AGNRAlumni and @UMDAGNR. Take a photo of yourself in your AGNR gear and/or share a link to (create a go link to alumni page). If someone asks you, tell them what Symons Squad is!
  2. Tweet about your new membership status in #SymonsSquad on Twitter and tag @AGNRAlumni and @UMD_AGNR. Share a link to our page!
  3. Post about your new membership status in #SymonsSquad on Instagram and tag @umdagnralumni and @umd_agnr. Share a photo of why you love AGNR!
  4. Display your Symons Squad swag wherever you go!
  5. Let us know opportunities in your community or region to share AGNR and get connected with other Squad members!




Coming soon!

Action Report

We’d like you to send us updates about activities you’ve done on behalf of AGNR. Each time you engage as a member of Symons Squad, use the link below to fill out a short Action Report update about what you did. We will email you quarterly with Symons Squad updates and reminders to send us your activities!

Complete the Action Report here!

Recruitment Form

If you know a student in your community or meet one at an event that is interested in AGNR, please complete this Recruitment Information Form so the Symons Squad Team can follow up with them.

Symons Squad Team

Symons Squad -

Amanda B. Clougherty
Associate Director Alumni Relations
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources