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We embody the University's land-grant mission with a commitment to eliminate hunger, preserve our natural resources, improve quality of life, and empower the next generation through world-class education.

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The career possibilities with a degree from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources are virtually limitless. Ranging from a nutritionist to a veterinarian to an environmental biologist, we will give you the tools to succeed in a diverse array of pursuits. 

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    Human and Animal Health

    Ashley Freeman, Assistant Facility Manager at NIH

    Class of 2011

    What I Do

    "As an Assistant Facility Manager, I manage 20 employees in a laboratory animal research facility within the National Institutes of Health. Our priority is to make sure our animals are treated humanely and with respect while they help us understand, treat and prevent infectious diseases. We care for our animals by ensuring that all their physical and psychological needs are met, and we service our research investigators by providing a variety of samples for data analysis for various flu, malaria and TB studies. I am passionate about improving the lives of people and animals and this passion is what continues to guide me in all I do."

    What I Studied

    Animal and Avian Sciences

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    Food & Product Safety

    Ariel Bourne - Consumer Safety Inspector at USDA Food Science Alumni Class of 2016

    Class of 2016

    What I Do

    "As a Consumer Safety Inspector for the USDA I am responsible for inspecting the food produced by meat and poultry companies. We ensure the American food supply has safe and wholesome meat and food is only produced under sanitary conditions. We also make sure meat is properly labeled to prevent consumer deception and fraud."

    What I Studied

    Nutrition and Food Science

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    Environmental and Natural Resources

    Amy Kline, Senior Environmental Specialist, Maryland Environmental Service

    Class of 2012

    What I Do

    "As an Environmental Specialist for the Maryland Environmental Service in their Water Quality Services branch, I help to ensure that water and wastewater treatment plants are complying with their environmental permits such as National Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits through database setup and management, water sampling, review of laboratory data and the completion of various monitoring reports for the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) and the US EPA."

    What I Studied

    Environmental Science and Technology

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    Environmental Science

    Anita Alexander, Associate Environmental Scientist at RK&K

    Class of 2013

    What I Do

    "As an Associate Environmental Scientist at RK&K in the Baltimore, MD Natural Resources department, I am primarily responsible for conducting natural resource inventories including wetland and forest delineations, preparing environmental permits and documentation, and coordinating with clients and regulatory agencies. I am currently working towards my M.S. in Environmental Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University."

    What I Studied

    Environmental Science & Technology

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Proud to be one of the main research and development arms of the University of Maryland, the college's leading fundamental and applied research is helping to solve some of the most pressing global challenges. Whether its reducing the prevalence of Lyme Disease, or mitigating saltwater intrusion affecting coastal Maryland farms, we encourage to you to explore the college's research portfolio. 

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