AGNR Admin Procedures & Campus Policies

AGNR Admin Procedure: Cost-Share on Sponsored Programs

This Procedure describes how to evaluate and respond to Cost-Share accounts automatically generated for AGNR sponsored award accounts.  Two forms are referenced and provided here:

AGNR Processing of New Tenure/Tenure Track Faculty Hires Guidelines for processing Tenure/Tenure Track faculty new hires
AGNR Management Process for Tenure/Tenure Track Positions 

In an effort to create efficiencies and effectiveness of Faculty Tenure and Tenure Track (TTK) position management, and to allow for growth of academic units in mission critical roles of the college, a review of the current position management of TTK funding was completed. (5/19/2020)

AGNR Fiscal Year End Surplus and Deficit Balances

Procedures for all unit general, federal formula and county accounts which end the fiscal year in a surplus or deficit cash balance.

AGNR Overload Payments Memorandum

Guidelines for Teaching and Non-Teaching Overload Payments

AGNR Staff Position Reclassification Procedures

Procedures for AGNR Staff Reclassification Requests

AGNR Sensitive Equipment Procedures

Purchase and inventory procedures for sensitive equipment
AGNR Start-Up Funds Request Procedures Procedures for initially requesting faculty start-up funds

AGNR Start-Up Funds Reimbursement Procedures

Procedures for requesting faculty start-up fund reimbursement

AGNR Startup Approved Reimbursement Workbook Template

This is the only workbook authorized to request reimbursement of start up expenditures. Complete and provide to the Fiscal Office following the process as detailed in the "Procedure for Reimbursement of Start Up Funds" above. 

AGNR Startup Approved Spreadsheet Template

This is the only spreadsheet authorized to formally request faculty start-up funds, provided by the Department Administrator after successfully negotiated and agreed upon by Provost, VPR, and AGNR Dean.  Complete and provide to Fiscal Office following process as detailed in the "AGNR Procedure for Faculty Start Up Funds" above.
Administrative Procedure: Social Media This procedure applies to all AGNR operating units notifying the public of any events and or activities advertised on social media platforms. This serves as a guide relative to AGNR's federal requirement of public notification.
MAES Hunting Adult Consent Form Consent form for recreational hunting at a University Research & Education Center.
MAES & UMD Procedures for Animal Control-Firearms at RECs UMD Procedures for Animal Control and Firearm Use on Maryland  Agricultural Experiment Station (MAES)-Supported Research and Education Centers 

UME & AES Procedure on Closing of Centers, Regional and County/City Offices

Procedures for closing of Regional Centers and County or City offices.

UME Procedure on Criminal Background Checks

Describes mandatory requirements for UME/UMD Faculty & Staff  regarding criminal background checks

Related Links: 

   - Maryland Family Law, Section 5-561

   - University System Policy, VII-1.15

UME Field Faculty Holiday & Comp Time Guidelines

Procedures for holiday & compensatory time accrual and usage

UME Institutional Review Board (IRB) Guidelines

Procedures for what requires an Institutional Review Board, information about requesting an IRB, and contacts for questions regarding IRBs.

UME Professional Development*

Procedures for travel and professional development funding requests & contact information

UME Reporting of County Holidays in the PHR System

Procedure for reporting of County Holidays in the PHR System


Link Description
UMSH & UMCP Consolidated Policies List A list of all policies enacted by the University System of Maryland
USM & UMD Policies Index

View all University of Maryland policies as one list

Establishment & Reviews of Centers and Institutes

UMCP Policy Conflict of Interest

Policy for avoiding and mitigating situations that could harm the individual or the University through the reality or perception of ethical, legal, or financial conflicts.

UMCP Policy Contingent Employment

University of Maryland guidelines and policies for contingent, exempt, and non-exempt staff employees

UME Professional Dues**

Policy regarding reimbursement of dues for individual association membership

UME Reimbursement of Tuition

Details for tuition reimbursement of UME employees  (See page 4, Section IV.B-3.d)