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Agricultural Careers and Entrepreneurship

Need help finding an Agricultural Career?

The ACE Virtual Center can help. ACE stands for Agricultural Careers and Entrepreneurship. This Virtual Center is a project of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources strategic initiative group on, "Advancing Innovative, Profitable, and Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems".

This virtual center has been created to provide helpful resources, training, and opportunities for current AGNR students, prospective UMD students, K-12 students, and adult citizens who are interested in pursuing a career in an agricultural field to further advance agricultural systems across Maryland. 

Mission Statement

The ACE Center will produce an inventory of agricultural career opportunities, provide job search resources, host virtual training opportunities, and highlight career and entrepreneurship events to those that aspire to farm or be in the agriculture profession. 

Who can use the ACE Center? 

Current AGNR Students     Prospective UMD Students     K-12 Students     MD Aspiring Farmers

Upcoming Career and Entrepreneurship Events

AGNR Student Networking Session on Jobs Where Conservation Meets Agriculture and Community Needs | 12:30 - 1:30 pm on Wednesday, April 21 

Event Description: Maryland leads the nation in the protection of its natural resources, in part because of the policy enacted to protect the health of the Chesapeake Bay. But what jobs are available today where conservation meets agriculture and community needs, and how can we balance the environment’s needs with rural and urban communities? This networking session connects students and professionals who provide technical service so you can learn from their expertise about what it takes to get a job in their field. The discussion will include information about entry-level opportunities, industry-specific tips, tricks and advice to be successful in the long term.

ACE News

My Farm is Underwater! Virtual Webinar Recording 

Couldn't make it to the first event of our winter webinar series? Learn more about aquaculture and underwater farming through the webinar recording and presentation slides.

Event Description: Aquaculture, or underwater farming, is the production of aquatic plants and animals. Plants are raised for ornamental purposes, human food and protecting shorelines from erosion. Animals include finfish or shellfish grown in fresh, brackish or salt water. Humans have raised aquatic species for thousands of years but new husbandry methods and technology has made "farm raised" seafood available year round. We will provide an overview of species and production methods supported by UMD research but concentrate on the eastern oyster which has advanced rapidly in the past decade from changes in state laws and the development of support programs for growers. 

Presented by: Donald Webster, Regional Extension Specialist

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