ACE Fall 2020 Webinar Series Recap

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ACE Fall 2020 webinar series recap

The Agricultural Careers and Entrepreneurship (ACE) Virtual Center expanded upon the achievements of the summer webinar series by hosting additional virtual workshop programming throughout October and November 2020. 

The mission of the ACE Virtual Center is to provide career and entrepreneurship resources and events to those who aspire to work in an agricultural profession. Our summer series highlighted the career side of ACE with information on resumes, career pathways, and starting a farm. As a result, we decided to focus the fall webinar series on the entrepreneurship side of ACE. These workshops were led by AGNR and Extension experts who provided tools and advice on how to market your ideas and follow entrepreneurship opportunities when they arise. 

If you were unable to attend the live webinars but would like to learn more, links to the event recordings can be found below:

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So you want to be an Entrepreneur! 

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Event Description: Learn the latest tools for testing out your great idea for a business or non-profit. Don't have a great idea? Then learn how to create one. Dr. Tilley will walk you through some of the newest tools for testing and creating ideas that sell and that people want. You will learn about empathy mapping, customer discovery, design thinking and the business model canvas. 

Presented by: Dr. David Tilley, Environmental Science and Technology Associate Professor

Learn more about getting involved in agricultural entrepreneurship at UMD on the Prospective Students page under, "Participate in Entrepreneurship"

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Entrepreneurs - Born or Made?

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Event Description: Have you ever had a fleeting thought of starting a business or new enterprise but raked it from your mind thinking it would never work? Did you think your family and friends wouldn't support you or were you lost because you had no idea where to start? If so, your thoughts were no different than those of other people who decided to go with the idea of becoming a business owner, revamping an existing business, or adding on a new enterprise. Entrepreneurs question the status quo; they recognize opportunities for addressing needs, problems, and wants that others may not see. They are the backbone of every community's economy. 

Entrepreneurs are risk-takers. They are no different than farmers who plant crops every year not knowing for sure what the yields will be; not knowing the effects of weather or market conditions on the family income. But, they differ in that they can manage some of the risks of starting a new business with guidance and a well vetted business plan. Could you be an entrepreneur? 

Presented by: Ginger Myers, Regional Extension Marketing Specialist 

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our presenters and participants for the success of the ACE Fall 2020 webinar series. We look forward to your feedback and the addition of new agricultural careers and entrepreneurship events in 2021! 

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(Published on Dec. 11th, 2020)