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The Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station (MAES) represents the research arm of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (AGNR) at the University of Maryland College Park. MAES funds and fosters research for sustainable and safe food production. MAES funds and supports more than 120 faculty conducting research within AGNR and other collaborating colleges. Research supported by MAES is conducted both on campus within the academic units and off-campus in four Research and Education Centers consisting of 8 facilities that represent diverse physiographic and land resources regions. Please contact the MAES Office at (301) 405-2462 (Richa Mathur) for questions.

We are serving the state and conducting research all across Maryland at our numerous research facilities.

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The Department of Entomology is involved with critical research to help save the earth's pollinators. Through our participation in the Bee Informed Partnership, we are able to collaborate with researchers across the nation to study ways to keep honey bee colonies healthy. Learn about our involvement and the partnership's latest annual beekeepers survey.

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Soil Chemistry

African Burial Gour

Research led by Department of Environmental Science & Technology lecturer, Candice Duncan (in collaboration with Howard University) takes a unique approach to analyze grave soil samples collected decades ago from a New York African Burial Ground, the largest African burial ground in the country: examining the makeup of the soil itself.

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Food Safety and Nutrition

Qin Wang

Qin Wang of Nutrition and Food Science is an environmental chemist turned food nanotechnologist creating food polymers that reduce our environmental footprint, keep food fresh and safe, and improve nutrition. 

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Chesapeake Bay

Alex MacLeod catching yellow perch

Alexander MacLeod, a doctoral student in the Department of Environmental Science & Technology is examining a largely unexplored phenomenon in the rivers that feed into the Chesapeake Bay - struggling yellow perch populations.

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Urban Rooftop Farming

Urban rooftop farming

University of Maryland is working to make urban rooftop farming as ubiquitous as the corner Starbucks. The concept is no more difficult to understand than the name. People in cities cultivate their own fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers on these untapped open spaces.

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Ray and Brian at scope

Ray St. Leger and Brian Lovett from the Department of Entomology developed and tested a genetically engineered fungus to fight mosquito-borne diseases

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Animal and Avian Sciences

Iqbal Hamza

Iqbal Hamza, professor in Animal and Avian Sciences has discovered a never-before-seen protection mechanism in mammals against the toxicity of free heme in the body - the production of a crystallized form of heme known as hemozoin.  

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