Change Your Major

Change Your Major

Interested in changing your major to the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources? 

For current UMD students, the change of major process is facilitated through TerpEngage, your one-stop shop for all things advising.


Start the Major Change Process

To get to know the College of AGNR better, all students changing into an AGNR major from outside the college will need to complete our free, self-paced ELMS Change of Major course.  If you are still exploring your options, this course is a great way to see the majors, people, organizations, opportunities, and careers we have to offer before you start the change of major process.  You may complete this course at any time.  Current AGNR students changing majors within the college are not required to complete this course.


AGNR Change of Major course

Resources to help you with the major change process

Course planning for AGNR majors

Creating a graduation plan (aka 4-year plan) allows you to see how your completed coursework will fit into the new degree and help you to determine if this new major is the right one for you before you dive into the rest of the major change process. 

AGNR Four-Year Plans

If you need help with your graduation plan or would like some additional insight on the new major, please feel free to meet with any one of our AGNR Peer Mentors. 

AGNR Peer Mentors

Connect with an advisor in your intended major

All AGNR majors will have a department-specific advising component to the change of major process.  Use this time to ask questions, explore options, and make a solid graduation plan for your new major.

Departmental Advising

Opportunities outside the classroom

Our majors have so many opportunities for students to expand their learning, try something new, meet peers, and enjoy everything the university has to offer.

Opportunities outside the classroom