Fermentation Science

Fermentation Science

Fermentation Science will prepare students for workforce demand of the broadly defined fermentation industries that include beverages (beer, wine, distilled spirits and kombucha), vegetable foods (kimchi, tempeh and miso), dairy foods (cheese and yogurt) and biotechnology industries (biofuels and pharmaceuticals). In addition to general education courses, students will take core required courses on fermentation science and participate in industrial internships for practical experiences and experiential learning with fermentation industries and possible placement in those companies.

In addition to providing competencies for several areas of work, the fermentation science major is designed specifically for certain professional industrial careers including the fermented food, alcoholic beverage and pharmaceutical products.

The Fermentation Science major is concerned with the application of the fundamental principles of the physical, biological, and behavioral sciences and processing to understand the complex and heterogeneous materials recognized as the raw precursors or/and final food products and beverages of fermentation. The fermentation science major prepares students for careers not only in traditional food and alcoholic beverage industries but also the biotechnology fermentation industry for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical production.

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