Assistant Professor Puts the UMD Small Grains Breeding and Genetics Program on the Map, Receiving an International Award for His Contributions to Wheat Genomics

Vijay Tiwari fosters collaborations across Plant Science and Landscape Architecture to revitalize the Small Grains Breeding and Genetics program in Maryland.

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AGNR Educates and Reverses Misperceptions About COVID-19 Origins, Transmission and Food Safety

To help shed light on the COVID-19 pandemic, AGNR offered faculty expertise across animal to human disease transmission and prevention, food safety, food production, and supply chain management, to address questions from Maryland state residents.

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UMD Assistant Professor Receives National Science Foundation Career Award to Understand the Mechanisms of Genetic Resistance to Fusarium Head Blight

New grant will support research, education, and Extension efforts to benefit farmers and train future scientists.

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UMD Researchers Seek to Reduce Food Waste and Establish the Science behind Date Labeling on Food Products

New study highlights the importance of interdisciplinary collaborations to reduce global food waste due to date labeling, a growing research trend.

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Collaborative Study on Expert Advice and Authority for Enacting Public Good Provides Insight Into COVID-19 Pandemic Policies and Recommendations

Researchers find that the combination of sound expert explanation and legal sanctions is the best way to encourage acts of public good like social distancing.

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UMD’s Adel Shirmohammadi Wins the 2020 Experiment Station Section Award for Excellence in Leadership

Adel Shirmohammadi wins prestigious career award in honor of his contributions to the Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station.

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