UMD Assistant Professor Receives USDA Grant to Develop New Genetic Techniques to Incorporate Natural Variations in Wheat Breeding

New techniques will enhance breeding performance to improve wheat quality and yield.

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Fall Update from Dean Beyrouty

Hear from Dean Beyrouty as he welcomes newly admitted and returning students to the Fall 2020 semester at UMD's College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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UMD-Led Study Examines How Subsidies, Extreme Weather Events, and Financial Education Can All Work Together to Promote Long-Term Agricultural Insurance Adoption

Researchers find that it is the combination of financial literacy and needing to actually use your policy that leads to understanding the value of insurance products.

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UMD Researcher Highlights Trends in the Consolidation of Agriculture Across the U.S. with 35 Years of Data

Data show a steady shift to fewer and larger farming operations across crops, dairy, and livestock.

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Researchers Release New Collaborative Report on Michigan School Siting Guidelines, Taking the Environment into Account

New report addresses the need for considering environmental factors when determining the location of public schools.

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UMD's SESYNC International Vulture Collaboration Addresses Vulture Poisoning in Southern Africa, a Localized Issue with Global Implications for Disease Control and Biodiversity Conservation

Findings suggest that a more holistic and coordinated approach leveraging community engagement and pre-existing resources could maximize conservation impacts.

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