UMD Researchers Find Higher Rates of West Nile Virus-Infected Mosquitoes in Lower-Income Neighborhoods in Urban Baltimore

Preliminary results point to a need for more research and education to improve environmental justice and protect urban public health in at-risk populations.

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UMD Researchers Perform Crucial Proof-of-Concept Experiment, Paving the Way for Growing Human Organs for Therapeutics and Transplantation

Start-up company, Renovate Bioscience Inc., wins Invention of the Year and Inventor Pitch Award for this work at UMD.

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AGNR Showcases Leadership and Innovation Across Human, Animal, and Environmental Health, or One Health

Dr. Cheryl Stroud, executive director of the One Health Commission, and Boris Lushniak, dean of UMD’s School of Public Health headline AGNR’s 3rd Annual Cornerstone Event

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UMD Researcher Receives NIH Funding to Develop a Novel Approach to Vaccination Against a Wide Range of Enteroviruses in a Single Vaccine

Research will leverage the conserved replication machinery across all enteroviruses to try to confer broad-spectrum protection against diseases from polio to the common cold.

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UMD Researchers Receive USDA Funding to Use Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning to Integrate Microbial Genomics with Food Safety Risk Assessment

Models and tools developed will advance next-generation food safety risk assessments to improve risk management of foodborne illnesses and better protect public health.

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