UMD-led Intervention Helps Empower Women and Improve Food and Nutritional Security Among Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

The Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Children intervention in Beirut, Lebanon, provided a model for women-led entrepreneurship while distributing healthy Palestinian meals to schools.

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UMD Researcher Establishes a New Viable CRISPR-Cas12b System for Plant Genome Engineering

New publication in Nature Plants details the first application of CRISPR-Cas12b in plants, providing gene editing, activation, and repression capabilities all in one system.

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Six Stars of AGNR for Women's History Month 2020

Here in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, we are proud to join Governor Larry Hogan in celebrating 2020 as the Year of the Woman in the state of Maryland. This March, the college pays tribute to six of our women faculty and staff.

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UMD Researcher is Using Soil Chemistry to Help Bridge the Gaps in African American History through Collaboration with Howard University’s New York African Burial Ground Project

A new publication in Nature Scientific Reports combines anthropology and soil chemistry to give a more complete picture of how freed and enslaved Africans lived.

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UMD Sends the Only Female Competitor in the Country this Year and the First Marylander Ever to Compete in the Bassmaster College Series National Championship

Emma Mullineaux has grown the new UMD Bass Fishing Club over her two years as president.

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