Scholarship Acceptance Instructions

Accepting your AGNR Scholarship

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources is grateful for the generosity of alumni, industry partners and friends of the college, for their support of our students through our scholarship programs. Their contributions help ease the financial burdens of attending college for so many AGNR Students like yourself.

As shared in your award letter, in order for you to accept your scholarship, you are first required to complete the Scholarship Acceptance Form. This form includes some background information, information on your current or planned involvement, your future goals, and a personal photo.

After you complete this step, you will be given instructions on completing a digital thank you note for your donor. Once both items are complete, they will be shared with the generous donors who contribute to your scholarship. This is very important as it affirms the value and significance of the donor's contributions and allows them to learn more about the students they are supporting.

Before You Begin the Online Scholarship Acceptance Form

  • Prepare your responses to the following questions. Please write professionally using good grammar, spelling, and punctuation. 
    • What has inspired you to pursue your education in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at UMD? How do you envision your experiences contributing to your future and career plans? 
    • What outside of the classroom activities do you participate in (research, leadership, clubs/organizations, work, internship, projects, etc)? 
    • What honors and awards have you received at the University of Maryland?
    • What community service and/or volunteer activities are you/have you been involved with?
  • Prepare your digital photo (.png or .jpg) - This photo should be of you alone (no group photos)
    • The photo can show you in business attire or be a more casual "in the field" photo, but make sure you are seen clearly-- the donors will see the photo
    • An image size of approximately 420x500 pixels is suggested

New Student Scholarship Acceptance Form

Scholarship Acceptance Form (Other Awards)

Please refer to the scholarships homepage for application cycle information and deadlines.