ACE Winter 2021 Webinar Series Recap

ACE Winter Webinar Series Flyer with blue background and a picture of the campus barn in the snow

ACE Winter 2021 Webinar Series Recap

To bring in the New Year, the Agricultural Careers and Entrepreneurship (ACE) Virtual Center hosted the third round of virtual workshop programming geared towards people interested in pursuing an agricultural career. The ACE Winter Webinar Series took place from January to March 2021 and connected remotely with a variety of different audiences. 

The ACE Virtual Center was developed by the Advance Innovative, Profitable, and Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems strategic initiative team to provide helpful resources and training to further advance agricultural systems across Maryland. The ACE Summer workshop series provided background information on agricultural resumes, career pathways, and starting a farm. This was followed by a set of virtual events in the Fall which focused on how to become an agricultural entrepreneur. The Winter webinar series topics dove into a specific agricultural career, aquaculture, and also gave advice to those looking to start out their career with internship and interview tips. 

Even if you were unable to attend the live webinars, you can still access the knowledge and resources provided through the recording links below:

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My Farm is Underwater! 

Webinar Recording Link | Presentation Slides

Event Description: Aquaculture, or underwater farming, is the production of aquatic plants and animals. Plants are raised for ornamental purposes, human food and protecting shorelines from erosion. Animals include finfish or shellfish grown in fresh, brackish or salt water. Humans have raised aquatic species for thousands of years but new husbandry methods and technology has made "farm raised" seafood available year round. We will provide an overview of species and production methods supported by UMD research but concentrate on the eastern oyster which has advanced rapidly in the past decade from changes in state laws and the development of support programs for growers.

Presented by: Donald Webster, Regional Extension Specialist

Learn more about other agricultural career pathways on the Prospective Students page of the ACE Center. 

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7 Steps for your Summer Internship Search

Webinar Recording Link

Event Description: Whether your major requires an internship or not, internships are beneficial to your professional growth. They provide work experience, grant a glimpse into your career world, enable you to apply classroom knowledge, and help establish professional networks. But don’t wait until the summer to begin looking for an internship. You need to start preparing now with these 7 practical steps.

Presented By: Glori Hyman, Director of Institute of Applied Agriculture

Find more internship advice on the Current Students page of the ACE Virtual Center. 

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ACEing the Virtual Interview 

Webinar Recording Link

Event Description: You’ve been zooming for a year now and you may consider yourself a zoommaster. So what’s different when it comes time for a job or internship interview? How do you prepare? Join this webinar to learn more.

Presented By: Glori Hyman, Director of Institute of Applied Agriculture

Additional interview tips are provided on the Current Students page of the ACE Virtual Center. 



I'm graduating from high school, what's next? flyer that looks like a search engine bar with a background image of a professor teaching a class in the greenhouse

I'm Graduating From High School, What's Next?

Webinar Recording Link

Event Description: Yippee! High school graduation is fast approaching. Did you apply to college yet? Did you get in? What options do you have? If you are interested in careers related to the environment, agriculture, turfgrass, business, communication, or leadership, tune into this webinar to learn how the University of Maryland’s Institute of Applied Agriculture can help you.

Presented By: Glori Hyman, Director of Institute of Applied Agriculture and Rebecka Jones, Coordinator IAA

More information regarding next steps and current student spotlights is provided on the Prospective Students page of the ACE Virtual Center. 

Thank you!

This webinar series could not have been possible without our wonderful presenters and participants. Thank you to everyone who has either attended the live events or watched the recordings afterwards. We look forward to the new year and appreciate feedback on the ACE Virtual Center and our events. 

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