International Agriculture and Natural Resources

International Agriculture and Natural Resources Certificate

Prepare for the challenges of working in an increasingly interdependent world. Combine a major in a relevant discipline with the required coursework to earn a Certificate in International Agriculture & Natural Resources.

Degree Earned: Certificate

Students are required to:

  • Relate their disciplinary knowledge and technical skills to global agriculture and natural resources issues
  • Become familiar with a foreign language
  • Study abroad
  • Learn the international aspects of the environment, agricultural production, nutrition, development, and business.

Program Requirements:

International Courses

At least 9 credits from the following list of courses:

  • AREC 365 World Hunger, Population, and Food Supplies
  • AREC 433* Food and Agricultural Policy
  • AREC 445* Agricultural Development, Population Growth, and the Environment
  • BGMT 392* Introduction to International Business Management
  • ECON 315* Economic Development of Undeveloped Areas
  • GEOG 330* Cultural Geography
  • GVPT 306* Global Ecopolitics
  • NFSC 425* International Nutrition
  • ENST 440 Crops, Soils, and Civilization
  • ENST 100 International Crop Production - Issues & Challenges of the 21st Century

*These courses have at least one prerequisite. Please plan your schedule accordingly.

At least 3 of these courses must be in the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources for students majoring in programs outside of the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources.

Foreign Language

6-8 credits in a foreign language

Travel Study or Study Abroad

  • You will earn 3-4 credits of travel study or study abroad. (Prerequisite: foreign language coursework. Prerequisite or co-requisite: Six credits from the International Courses list.)
  • In order to quality for the certificate, travel study and study abroad experiences require prior approval of Associate Dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
  • For approval, travel experience must demonstrate significant learning opportunities in areas related to agriculture and natural resources and cultural immersion.

Travel Study Seminar

1 credit Travel Study Seminar (Prerequisite: completion of the travel study requirement.)
Students are required to make a presentation of their travel experience including a paper, a poster presentation and an oral presentation with discussion.