How do I find my faculty advisor?

Each department handles advisor assignments differently.  Some distribute new students among current advisors.  Some add additional faculty to the advising roster to accommodate each new class of students. To find your advisor, go to the Undergraduate Program Office for your major (department) and speak with the Coordinator or Administrative Assistant.

NOTE:  First semester freshmen or transfer students should identify your advisor within your the first five weeks of the semester and learn how that advisor handles making advising appointments!

For office locations and staff for undergraduate programs in each department, please select the appropriate department link.

Student Services Office of AGNR Academic Programs (Room 0107 Symons Hall) is always available for special advising.  Appointments are preferred but not necessary.  However, Student Services will not do routine major advising - that must be done in your department.  Come to Student Services for issues involving Permission to Enroll at another institution, transcript discrepancies, information on petitions you have filed for exception to academic policy, study abroad, etc.