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Taylor Garrett

Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator

Wye Research and Education Center 124 Wye Narrows Drive Queenstown, Maryland 21658-0169


  • Fiscal and Personnel Management
  • Commercial Aquaculture
  • Alternative Specialty Crops
  • Project Management
  • Coordinator
  • Programs

Taylor provides project and program coordination and support to Extension and the Operations Team. As well as assisting with the Volunteer Background Check process, New Employee Reimbursements, Hiring Processes, Program Support at the Wye Research and Education Center, Financial and Grant Support, along with many other coordination and administrative processes. Taylor was born and raised on the Eastern Shore into a farming/waterman family. She is familiar with the people and area surrounding the Wye Research and Education Center. Taylor has a Masters Degree in Business Administration as well as a Bachelors in Business Management and Finance.