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Dr. Kate McClure

Senior Agent Associate

Coastal Climate Specialist

Wye Research and Education Center 124 Wye Narrows Dr. Queenstown, Maryland 21658-0169


  • Climate Change
  • Coastal Resilience
  • Sea Level Rise
  • Sea Grant

Dr. Kate McClure is a Coastal Climate Specialist with the University of Maryland Sea Grant Extension Program. She is based at the Wye Research and Education Center in Queenstown, MD and serves coastal communities throughout the state. Kate is building an extension program to assist coastal communities with understanding and preparing for the effects of climate change, with a focus on flooding due to sea level rise, precipitation, and storm events. Her professional interests include climate adaptation, coastal resilience, and community engagement. Kate received a Ph.D. in Evolution, Ecology and Marine Biology from Northeastern University and a B.S. from the College of William & Mary.

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