An AGNR Cornerstone Event: Improve Human, Animal, and Environmental Health

Thank you to everyone who attended our third annual Cornerstone event, with a focus on our college’s strategic initiative, Improve Human, Animal, and Environmental Health.

Recordings from this year's event are available in the schedule listing below. 


Monday, November 9 (Morning Session: Keynote Speaker, Afternoon Session: Mental Health)

Welcoming Remarks: Dean Beyrouty and Provost Mary Ann Rankin
Keynote: Dr. Cheryl Stroud, Executive Director, One Health Commission
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Mental Health Session
Moderators: Alex Chan, Agent, Family & Consumer Sciences and Amanda Wahle, Senior Agent, 4-H Youth Development
Amy Lang, Maryland 
4-H Extension Agent - "Nature Deficit Disorder and 4-H" 
2. Stephanie Hutter-Thomas, Maryland Rural Opioid Technical Assistance (MarylandROTA) Educator, University of Maryland Extension  - "Maryland Rural Opioid Technical Assistance: Purpose, Accomplishments, and Ongoing Work"
3. Jesse M. Ketterman, Jr., PhD, AFC, UMD Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences, Financial Capability - "Providing Resources and Building Resilience to Address Farm and Farm Family Stress"
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Tuesday, November 10 (Morning Session: Animal Production, Afternoon Session: Zoonotic Diseases/ Pandemic Diseases)

Animal Production Session
Moderator:  John Moyle, Senior Agent, Lower Eastern Shore Research and Education Center
1. Harley Grenier, Animal Welfare Coordinator, Mountaire Farms - "First Poultry Company to Carry the One Health Certified Label"  
2. Dr. Nancy J. Chapman, DVM MPH, Assistant State Veterinarian, Animal Health Program, Maryland Department of Agriculture - "View from the Ground: Controlling Disease and Antimicrobial Use in Maryland Agriculture"
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Zoonotic Diseases/ Pandemic Diseases Session
Moderators:  Nat Tablante, Professor, Veterinary Medicine and John Song, Professor, Animal & Avian Sciences

1. Dr. David Swayne, Laboratory Director, USDA Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory- “Using a One Health Research Strategy to Understand and Reduce Human Exposure to Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus in Low Income Countries”
2. Dr. Mark Jackwood, Professor and Department Head, Department of Population Health, Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center, University of Georgia- What we know about avian coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) in poultry — and how that knowledge relates to the virus causing COVID-19 in humans”
3. Dr. Laura Hungerford, Professor and Chair, Department of Population Health Sciences, VA-MD College of Veterinary Medicine- "One Health and Epidemics: Sharing Strategies Across Species"
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Wednesday, November 11 (Morning Session: Vector-borne Diseases, Afternoon Session: Chronic Disease/Food & Nutrition)

Vector-borne Diseases Session
Moderators:  Paul Leisnham, Associate Professor, Environmental Science and Technology & Sean Riley, Assistant Professor, Veterinary Medicine 
1. Dr. Dina M. Fonseca, Ph.D. Professor and Director of Center for Vector Biology, Rutgers University - "Neighbors help neighbors control yard mosquitoes"
2. Dr. Jennifer M. Mullinax, Ph.D.  Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences & Technology, University of Maryland - "Mitigating the Wildlife and Human Risk of Contact with Ticks in Suburban Maryland"
3.  Dr. Joseph Gillespie, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, University of Maryland School of Medicine-Baltimore - "Underappreciated Mutualism in Vector Biology: Lessons from the Deer tick and Cat flea"
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Chronic Disease/Food & Nutrition Session
Moderator: Nishanth Sunny, Assistant Professor, Animal & Avian Sciences
1. Liqing Yu, M.D., Ph.D. Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Nutrition, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore - "Role of intracellular lipolysis and metabolic disease"
2. Kevin Harvatine, Ph.D., Professor of Nutritional Physiology, Department of Animal Science, Penn State University - "What we have learned about regulation of milk fat synthesis from the cow"
3. Samer El-Kadi, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Nutritional Physiology, Department of Animal & Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech - "Neonatal macronutrient supplementation: How much is enough?"
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Thursday, November 12 (Morning Session: Climate Change, Afternoon Session: Food & Water-Borne Diseases)

Climate Change Session
Moderators:  Charlie Apter, Lecturer, Animal & Avian Sciences
1. Dr. Stephanie Yarwood, Environmental Science and Technology, University of Maryland- "Using Soil Microbes to Assess Ecosystem Health"

2. Austin Patrick Hope, Atmospheric and Oceanic Science- "Environmental and Human Health in a Warming World"
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Food & Water-Borne Diseases Session
Moderator: Yanjin Zhang, Associate Professor, Veterinary Medicine 

1. Jianghong Meng, Director, Joint Institute for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition, University of Maryland - "One health and One water: Surface Water as Potential Reservoir of Foodborne Pathogens"
2. Debabrata Biswas, Associate Professor, Animal & Avian Sciences, University of Maryland - "Prevalence of Foodborne Pathogens in Integrated Farms and control strategy"
3. Megan Baldridge, Assistant Professor, Washington University School of Medicine - "Regulation of norovirus infection by the intestinal microbiota and interferon-lambda"
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Friday, November 13 ( Morning Session: Water Quality, Afternoon Session: Closing Speaker)

Water Quality Session
Moderator: Andy Lazur, Water Quality Specialist, University of Maryland Extension

1. Barry Glotfelty, Director of Environmental Health for the Frederick County Health Department - "Sources and Safety of Drinking Water in Frederick County and Maryland"
2. Tiffany VanDerwerker, Hydrologist, MD Geological Survey, and Dr. Andy Lazur, Principal Agent, University of Maryland Extension -"Road Salt Impacts on Groundwater and Water Quality"
3. Dr. Rachel Rosenberg Goldstein, Assistant Professor, Institute of Applied Environmental Health, University of Maryland - "Alternative Irrigation Water Quality: Putting Reclaimed Water and Roof-harvested Rainwater Under the Microscope"
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Closing Speaker: Dr. Boris Lushniak, Dean, University of Maryland School of Public Health
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Poster Presentations

Improve Human, Animal, and Environmental Health

Submitter: Dorothy Nuckols
Author: Dorothy Nuckols
Poster Title: Protecting Health, Protecting Financial Well-Being Through Health Insurance Empowerment

Submitter: Xingchen Liu
Authors: Xingchen Liu, Shirley Micallef, Yue Li
Poster Title: Drought stress shifts the exometabolome profile of leaves in juvenile kale and affects Salmonella enterica growth in leaf exudates
Presentation Video

Submitter: Yanli Chen
Authors: Yanli Chen, Chang Li, Donglei Sun, Ashely B. Strickland, Gongguan Liu, and Meiqing Shi
Poster Title: Quantitative analysis reveals internalization of Cryptococcus neoformans by brain endothelial cells in vivo
Presentation Video
*Third Place Winner*

Submitter: Ying Bai
Authors: Ying Bai, Josà A. Carrillo, Yaokun Li, Yanghua He, Jiuzhou Song 
Poster Title: Alteration of mtDNA copy number, mitochondria-related gene expression and metabolites in grass-fed and grain-fed Angus cattle

Submitter: Yanjin Zhang
Authors: S. Lin,  L. Yang, Z. Ma, and Y. Zhang
Poster Title: The Capsid Protein of Hepatitis E Virus Inhibits Interferon Induction via its N-terminal Domain

Submitter: Yanjin Zhang
Authors: L. Yang, J. He, R. Wang, Z. Ma, S. Lin, Y. Nan, and Y. Zhang
Poster Title: The N-terminal domain of PRRSV nsp11 inhibits interferon signaling by downregulating STAT2

Submitter: Zhiyuan Lou
Authors: Zhiyuan Lou, Bok-Soon Lee, Taekyu Ha, Chul-Ho Kim, Seong-Ho Lee
Poster Title: The Role of ESE-1 in Tumorigenesis and Metastasis in Human Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Cells
Presentation Video

Submitter: Ashley Strickland
Authors: Ashley Strickland, Yanli Chen, Gongguan Liu, Meiqing Shi
Poster Title: IL-27 signaling promotes Th1 responses during chronic pulmonary infection with Aspergillus fumigatus
Presentation Video

Submitter: Ashlyn Snyder
Authors: Ashlyn M. Snyder, Kate Miska, Cara I. Robison, and Shawna L. Weimer
Poster Title: Evaluation of coccidial lesions in the ceca of broilers challenged with Eimeria tenella using digital image analysis 
Presentation Video

Submitter: Seyedehmahsa Moghimi
Author: Seyedehmahsa Moghimi, Ekaterina Viktorova, and George Belov
Poster Title: Enterovirus replication membranes are enriched in all isoforms of small cellular GTPases Arf
Presentation Video

Submitter: Max Ferlauto
Authors: Max Ferlauto, Karin Burghardt, John Parker
Poster Title: Assessing the impacts of seasonal leaf litter disturbance on overwintering pollinators and natural enemies
Presentation Video
*First Place Winner*

Submitter: Tabitha Gregory
Authors: Tabitha Gregory, Chaitra Surugihalli, Vaishna Muralidaran, Kruthi Vavilikolanu, Nishanth Sunny
Poster Title: Interactions of Branched Chain Amino Acids and Lipid Metabolism
Presentation Video
*Second Place Winner*

Submitter: Chaitra Surugihalli 
Authors: Chaitra Surugihalli, Vaishna Muralidharan, Tabitha Gregory, Shafeekh Muyyarikkayndy, Kruthi Vavilikolanu, Nishanth E. Sunny
Poster Title: Branched chain amino acids exacerbate insulin resistance when supplemented with high-fat diet
Presentation Video

Submitter: Jesse Ketterman
Authors: Jesse Ketterman
Poster Title: Educating Older Adults About Financial Exploitation

Submitter: Alexander Chan
Authors: Alexander Chan
Poster Title: Mental Health Programming: An Overview

Submitter: Zoie McMillian
Authors: Zoie McMillian, Anna Magnaterra, Ashlyn Snyder, Shawna Weimer 
Poster Title: What Can Broiler Vocalizations Tell us about Their Welfare?
Video Presentation

Submitter: Lisa McCoy
Authors: Lisa McCoy, Catherine Sorenson, Dorothy Nuckols, Jesse Ketterman, Maria Pippidis, Virginia Brown, Chenzi Wang 
Poster Title: Smart Use - Your Essential Health Benefits: Results from a Pilot Study

Submitter: Jeanette Jeffrey
Authors: Jeanette Jeffrey, Kayla Griffith, Dave Myers
Poster Title: Good Morning, Farmer! Needs Assessment

Submitter: Xiaoping Zhu
Authors: Xiaoyang Liu, Senthilkumar Palaniyandi, Iowis Zhu, Jin Tang, Weizhong Li, Xiaoling Wu, Susan Park Ochsner, C. David Pauza, Jeffrey I. Cohen, Xiaoping Zhu
Poster Title: Human cytomegalovirus evades IgG antibody-mediated immunity through endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation of the neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn) for IgG

Submitter: Xiaoping Zhu
Authors: Susan Park Ochsner, WeizhongLi, Xiaoping Zhu
Poster Title: Mucosal Delivery of Cross Protective Influenza Vaccine Antigens

Submitter: Xiaoping Zhu
Authors: Arunraj M R, Joseph F. Urban Jr, Xiaoping Zhu, Wenbin Tuo
Poster Title: Immunological Analysis of Helminth Derived Exosomes and Excretory Secretory Products

Submitter: Anna Magnaterra
Authors: Anna Magnaterra, Randy Mitchell, Zoie McMillian, Ashlyn Synder, Shawna Weimer
Poster Title: Leg infrared surface temperatures and tibia morphology show quantitative differences in broilers with normal compared to abnormal gaits
Video Presentation

Submitter: Ishita Roy Chowdhury
Authors: Ishita Roy Chowdhury, Sai Goutham Reddy Yeddula, Brian G. Pierce, Siba K.Samal, Shin-Hee Kim and George A. Belov
Poster Title: Newcastle disease virus vectors co-expressing HA and NA proteins protect poultry against highly pathogenic H7N8 avian influenza virus
Video Presentation

Submitter: Shraboni Dutta
Authors: Shraboni Dutta, Vipin Singh Rana, Michael Ronzetti, Chrysoula Kitsou, Utpal Pal
Poster Title: Novel Ixodes Scapularis Gut Protein facilitates Tick Engorgement in mammalian hosts

Submitter: Darshika Amarakoon
Authors: Darshika Amarakoon, Seong-Ho Lee
Poster Title: Role of curcumin as an anti-proliferative agent and apoptosis regulator in colorectal cancer cells
Video Presentation

Optimize Urban Environments Through Design, Green Technology, and Community Engagement

Submitter: Mitch Pavao-Zuckerman
Authors: Mitch Pavao-Zuckerman and Andrea Gerlak
Poster Title: Assessing connectivities in green infrastructure ecosystem services with science-policy dialogues

Submitter: Rachel Goldstein
Authors: Rachel E. Rosenberg Goldstein, Claire Hudson, Suhana Chattopadhyay, Leena Malayil, Kaitlin Ta, Nina Jeffries, Jordan Reed, Sarah Allard
Poster Title: Rooftop Runoff Irrigating Produce Eaten Raw (RRIPER): Evaluating the Safety of Roof-Harvested Rainwater as an Irrigation Source and Determining Urban Farmer 

Submitter: Danielle Delp
Authors: Danielle Delp, Andrea Yarberry, Peter May, Patrick Kangas, Freddy Witarsa, Stephanie Lansing 
Poster Title: Anaerobic digestion of algae harvested from an algal turf scrubber at the Port of Baltimore
Video Presentation
*First Place Winner*

Establish a Healthy Food System and Ensure Global Food and Nutritional Security

Submitter: Sultana Solaiman
Authors: Sultana Solaiman, Eric Handy, Cheryl East, Mary Callahan, Kasey Goon, Taylor Brinks,Chris Bolinger, Amy Sapkota, Manan Sharma, Shirley A. Micallef 
Poster Title: Diversity and Resistance to Extended Spectrum β-Lactams in E. coli from Multiple Irrigation Water Sources: A Conserve Study
Presentation Video

Submitter: Razan Sahuri
Authors: Razan Sahuri, Erin Duru, Nicole Walker
Poster Title: A Comprehensive Community Partnership Model for Improving Nutrition among SNAP-Eligible Families in Early Education Settings
Presentation Video

Submitter: Jared Baker
Authors: Jared Baker, Jack Graziano, Daniel Weber, Macarena Farcuh
Poster Title: Evaluating the effect of harvest maturity on the quality characteristics of Gala and Honeycrisp apple cultivars grown under the Mid-Atlantic conditions
Presentation audio (click download to access)

Submitter: Yvette B. Tamukong
Authors: Yvette B. Tamukong, Tamara D. Collum, Andrew L. Stone, Madhu Kappagantu, Diana J. Sherman, Elizabeth E. Rogers, Christopher D. Dardick and James N. Culver
Poster Title: Dynamic Changes in Plum Pox Virus Population Structure during Leaf and Bud Development
Presentation Video
*First Place Winner*

Ensure a Clean and Healthy Chesapeake Bay

Submitter: Mairead Whitford Jones
Authors: Mairead Whitford Jones, Sally Kim, Kelan Amin, Emmett Foster, FIRE Sustainability Analytics
Poster Title: Sea Surface Temperature Effects on Japanese Anchovy and Chub Mackerel
Presentation Video 

Submitter: Nathan Sedghi
Authors: Nathan Sedghi, Michel Cavigelli, and Ray R Weil
Poster Title: Multi-species cover crop, soil type, and fertilizer influence nitrous oxide emissions
Presentation Video
*First Place Winner*

Submitter: Erika Crowl
Authors: Andrew Kness, Erika Crowl
Poster Title: On-Farm Trial Evaluating Drone-Seeded Cover Crop Establishment

Submitter: Isabella Hattfield
Authors: Jacob Mast, Linda Yeung, Jacques Marais, Isabella Hatfield 
Poster Title: Creating a Market for Wild Algae to Incentivize Bloom Cleanup
Video Presentation

Submitter: Emileigh Lucas
Authors: Emileigh Lucas, Brian Kalmbach, Paul Shipley, and David Ruppert
Poster Title: An Overview of  the University of Maryland Agricultural Nutrient Management Program


Advance Innovative, Profitable, and Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems

Submitter: Alan Leslie
Authors: Alan W. Leslie, Cerruti R.R. Hooks
Poster Title: Weed suppression with living mulch and strip tillage in organic peppers

Submitter: Shannon Dill
Authors: Shannon Dill, Neith Little, Sarah Potts, Amanda Grev 
Poster Title: Conducting Needs Assessments to Direct Extension Programming Efforts

Submitter: Sarah Hirsh
Authors: Sarah Hirsh, Mark VanGessel, Ben Beale 
Poster Title: Managing herbicide resistant common ragweed emergence and growth in soybean

Submitter: Stanton Gill
Authors: Stanton Gill
Poster Title: Evaluating  New control Materials for Root Aphid In Nurseries and Hemp Crops

Submitter: Ben Beale
Authors: Ben Beale, Alan Leslie 
Poster Title: Performance of Grafted and Non-Grafted Tomato Plants Among Four Cultivars in a Virgin High Tunnel System 

Submitter: Brian Kalmbach 
Author: Brian Kalmbach
Poster Title: Giant Miscanthus (Miscanthus x giganteus): An Alternative Crop in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Submitter: Sarah Potts
Authors: Sarah Potts, Amanda Grev
Poster Title: Assessment of the Educational Needs of Maryland Dairy Producers