Sustainable Food Systems Lecture Series

Sustainable Food Systems Lectures

This carefully curated schedule of events is solely dedicated to topics related to sustainability and the role of agriculture in environmental, social, and economic issues, with a heavy emphasis on the food we consume in our everyday lives. The series is part of our strategic initiative, Establish a Healthy Food System and Ensure Global Food and Nutritional Security.

Recording of the 2/25 Lecture from Beth Brewster - The Chesapeake Food Connection: From Farm to Tray in Caroline County Public Schools

Recording of the 3/3 Lecture from John Erwin - Opportunities to Increase Nutritional Value, Access and Safety Through Controlled Environment Agriculture in a Changing Climate

Recording of the 3/10 Lecture from Manan Sharma - Romaine Was Not Built in a Day: A Sustainable Approach to Produce Safety

Recording of the 3/31 Lecture from Jeanette Jeffrey - The Resilient Farmer, Managing Stress on the Farm

Recording of the 5/5 Lecture from Boots on the Ground: Stories from Military Veteran Farmers

Recording of the 5/12 Lecture from Turning Research into Action: Combating Food Insecurity at the University of Maryland

Recording of the 7/30 Lecture from SNAP at the Farmer's Market: Creating a More Equitable Food System