Caitlin Kim

AGNR Student Spotlight

Name: Caitlin Kim

Major: Environmental Science and Policy, Environmental Economics Concentration 

Year: Senior

Why did you choose Environmental Science and Policy (ENSP)?

I was initially an Econ major but had an interest in applying my studies to solving environmental problems. I found out that I could major in ENSP with a concentration in environmental economics and it felt like the perfect path. 

What types of clubs/organizations are you involved in that relate to your major?

I am a member of ENSPire, the ENSP student advisory board. We work closely with Angela, the ENSP advisor, to host professional development and community service events open to all ENSP majors. Since there are many ENSP concentrations, we also have the goal of connecting students across concentrations through their shared passion for the environment. 

Last semester, I was a research assistant for Professor Anna Alberini in the AREC department. I helped her on a project that used STATA to analyze a PV panel grant program in Maryland.

In the broader College of AGNR, I am an AGNR student ambassador. I was also Vice President of the AGNR Student Council my sophomore year. 

How have you gotten involved within the wider campus outside of your major? How did you hear about these clubs/organizations?

I was a teaching assistant for the science diplomacy class within the Global Fellows program in the fall semester of 2018. My advisor told me about the Global Fellows program, and I was a student before being selected as the TA. 

I worked as a peer consultant for the Oral Communication Center on campus for two semester. My Comm107 professor recommended me to the OCC.

I am an orientation leader for International Student and Scholar Services. I first connected with the ISSS program when I studied abroad in Seoul, South Korea during the spring of my junior year. When I returned, I heard about the opportunity to become an orientation leader through the ISSS email listserv and was eager to welcome and connect with international students studying at UMD. 

I am a facilitator for English Conversation Partners club. I heard about ECP through the ISSS program. Every week, I meet with a group of students looking to practice speaking English in a casual setting. 

Has your participation in these clubs/organizations influenced your future career path?

Next year, I plan to attend law school at the University of Pennsylvania. I have been a prelaw student since my freshman year, but my extracurriculars definitely reinforced my goal of attending law school and helped me strengthen relevant skills such as oral communication, leadership, and writing. 

How do you balance extracurriculars and academics?

I have found that it is possible to find fulfilling extracurriculars while staying on top of academics through effective time management skills. It is important to me to make time for both. I keep an updated list of everything that I need to do, and on my calendar, I dedicate time to each item. 

Do you have any advice for prospective students on getting involved both within AGNR and also within the wider campus?

I would definitely recommend talking to their advisor and peers to find out what kind of clubs and organizations exist that they might be interested in. I also would encourage students to keep an open mind when joining a new club or organization; some of the extracurriculars I joined that did not seem immediately relevant to my major ended up being incredibly fulfilling experiences.