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Zhao Chen

Assistant Research Scientist

Assistant Research Scientist

Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition 2134A Patapsco Building College Park, MD 20742


  • Food microbiology
  • Microbial genomics


  • Ph.D. in Microbiology, Clemson University

Professional Experiences

Postdoctoral associate, University of Maryland

Postdoctoral associate, University of California, Davis

Postdoctoral associate, Clemson University

Recent Publications

Chen, Z., Erickson, D. L., & Meng, J. (2021). Polishing the Oxford Nanopore long-read assemblies of bacterial pathogens with Illumina short reads to improve genomic analyses. Genomics113(3), 1366-1377.

Chen, Z., Erickson, D. L., & Meng, J. (2020). Benchmarking long-read assemblers for genomic analyses of bacterial pathogens using Oxford Nanopore sequencing. International Journal of Molecular Sciences21(23), 9161.

Chen, Z., Erickson, D. L., & Meng, J. (2020). Benchmarking hybrid assembly approaches for genomic analyses of bacterial pathogens using Illumina and Oxford Nanopore sequencing. BMC Genomics21(1), 1-21.

Kwon, H. J., Chen, Z., Evans, P., Meng, J., & Chen, Y. (2020). Characterization of mobile genetic elements using long-read sequencing for tracking Listeria monocytogenes from food processing environments. Pathogens9(10), 822.

Chen, Z., Kuang, D., Xu, X., González-Escalona, N., Erickson, D. L., Brown, E., & Meng, J. (2020). Genomic analyses of multidrug-resistant Salmonella Indiana, Typhimurium, and Enteritidis isolates using MinION and MiSeq sequencing technologies. PloS ONE15(7), e0235641.

Editorial Board Members

International Journal of Food Microbiology

Food Control

LWT - Food Science and Technology

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International Association for Food Protection

American Society for Microbiology