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Mitchell A Pavao-Zuckerman

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Environmental Science & Technology 1426 Animal Science/Agricultural Engineering Building 8127 Regents Drive College Park, Maryland 20742


  • ecosystem services
  • Urban Ecology
  • forest ecology
  • Stormwater
  • socio-ecological systems
  • green infrastructure
  • resilience

Research Focus

  • Urban ecosystems, green infrastructure function, and ecosystem services
  • Using in situ installations of street-scape water harvesting basins in Tucson, AZ to ask: How are soil quality and soil food webs impacted by the flush of materials following rain events? How does water harvesting impact microbial activity and soil C&N cycling? How does water harvesting impact plant function and ecosystem service provision?
  • Social-ecological systems, ecosystem services, and ecological resilience
  • Exploring the provision of ecosystem services in the San Pedro River watershed with several approaches: (1) using plant trait based and soil ecological perspectives to explore the drivers of ecosystem services (i.e., carbon sequestration, sediment retention, birding habitat, aesthetics) at inter and intra specific scales. (2) Using ecosystem service assessment and mapping approaches, we are exploring how land use has changed over the past 40 years and how this impacts ecosystem service provision