Turfgrass & Golf Course Management

Turfgrass & Golf Course Management

The Turfgrass and Golf Course Management area of study provides a unique combination of soil and plant science, irrigation and drainage, business and entrepreneurship courses that will prepare you for a successful career in the golf and turf industries.

Degree Earned: Certificate

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Programs of Study

Golf Course Management

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Golf course superintendents/managers combine business and communication skills with science. You become part scientist, part executive, part environmentalist and part golfer. Your expertise will provide outstanding playing surfaces for professional and recreational golfers. Your expertise will include such disciplines as soil and plant science, integrated pest management practices, computer guided irrigation systems and state of the art maintenance equipment. Related Program: Bachelors in Plant Science with a concentration in Turf & Golf Course Management

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Sports Turf Management

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Sports turf management blends business skills, art, and agronomic sciences to provide playable, safe, and aesthetically attractive turf playing fields. Turfgrasses are used in a variety of sporting venues throughout Maryland and the U.S. because they can be mowed at different heights, withstand traffic, and create a resilient surface. Related Program: Bachelors in Plant Science with a concentration in Turf & Golf Course Management.

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Turfgrass Management


Turfgrass managers need expertise in science, people management, and financial planning to satisfy the public’s demand for environmentally friendly lawns in commercial, residential, and park land settings. A combination of education and internship experiences will open doors in such areas of turfgrass management as sod production, lawn and landscape maintenance, and large scale institutional grounds facility management.

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