Agricultural Science & Technology

Agricultural Science & Technology

Agricultural Sciences and Technology (AGST) is an interdisciplinary major for students who want to learn about sustainable production agriculture in the context of cutting-edge agricultural technology. Students can focus on specializations in Agronomy and Environmental Horticulture.

Degrees Offered: B.S.

Agricultural Sciences and Technology information

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Agronomy students will be educated in a broad range of agricultural disciplines which will provide them with a comprehensive education in crop, soil and animal sciences. Here at the University of Maryland, the focus of the program will be for students to gain a sustainable perspective of agronomy. Students will take a holistic approach to the design of their course work. This approach will integrate the science of agronomy by taking courses in Animal Science, Crop Science, Soil Science, Agricultural Economics and Pest Management.

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Environmental Horticulture


The Environmental Horticulture specialization (Formerly Plant Sciences: Horticulture and Crop Production) is designed to lead students toward becoming an owner-operator or a manager in fields such as: environmental horticulture; greenhouse management; container nursery production; fresh fruit and vegetable production; and plant protection. For students who have a strong interest in education, numerous possibilities for rewarding careers also exist in agricultural extension, public gardens, and ornamental horticulture.

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Agricultural & Extension Education


Agricultural & Extension Education is a University of Maryland program that is a cooperative effort of the College of Agriculture and Natural resources and the College of Education. It is designed to prepare students to teach agriculture and related subjects in high school. Many high schools in Maryland and other states offer an agricultural curriculum that is associated with The National FFA Organization. There are two paths that students can take in preparation for a career as a high school agriculture teacher. Students can double major in Agricultural Science and Technology (AGST) and Secondary Education or students can earn a B.S. degree in AGST and a M.A. degree in education.

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