Bret Bucci

AGNR Featured Alum

AGNR Alum Bret Bucci stands in front of green background in his company Perdue shirt

Name: Bret Bucci

What was your major at UMD?

I studied animal science with an emphasis in animal care and management. 

When did you graduate?

I graduated in 2015.

What was your favorite UMD class?

My favorite class was Intro to Animal Science Lab. I enjoyed taking this as a student and being a UTA for two years. Having all the hands on experience right on campus. 

What is your current job title and company?

I currently work for Perdue Farms as an Assistant Hatchery Manager. 

What are your major job/position responsibilities?

I assist in managing the daily operations of a 1.4 million weekly egg set poultry hatchery. 

What do you enjoy most about your job/position?

No two days are the same. Everyday I get to go to work and tackle a new project. 

What is the most challenging aspect of your current job/position?

The current biggest challenge that I am facing is dealing with the Covid Pandemic. The industry has had an immense pressure to continue to supply food to the country. 

What advice would you give to current students pursuing a career in Agriculture and Natural Resources?

My biggest advice to current students is to get out an do as many internships as possible. Making industry connections is an easy way to get in the door of a company. Also be willing to relocate to a new area. 

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