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The ACE Center is designed to help AGNR students navigate agricultural career and entrepreneurship opportunities. 

Utilize the resources below to gain access to beneficial job search tools, networking information on previous AGNR alumni, advice on how to navigate on-campus resources, stories about previous student internships, and more. 

Job Search Resources

Relevant Job Search Engines = job search engine specifically designed for job seekers in the agriculture and food industry. Allows the job seeker to choose an industry sector, industry type, and career type to narrow down the available job opportunities for you. = a United States Government search engine. Can search with a job title, department, agency, series, or occupation. In addition to the desired location. Relevant agencies for AGNR majors include: USDA, EPA, NOAA, FDA, USACE, DOE, HHS, DOI, etc.

State of Maryland = lists open job opportunities with the Maryland State government. Can search by keyword, location, department, recruitment type and job category. Relevant departments for AGNR majors include: Canal Place Preservation and Development Authority, Department of Natural Resource, MD Department of Agriculture, MD Department of Health, MD Department of the Environment, etc. = job search engine currently used by many employers on the East Coast. Allows job seekers to type in a keyword and choose a location to filter that results for you. = agriculture-specific search engine. Enter keywords, job title or company name with your preferred location. Has a “Browse Internships” function on their website. = search engine specifically for jobs with an environmental or social responsibility focus. Includes full-time, internship, part-time, and temporary job postings.

Service-Oriented Careers

AmeriCorps = a network of national service programs where you can choose to serve for different durations of time from three months to a year. Has several connections to majors within the college of agriculture. This includes, but is not limited to, disaster services, energy and conservation, health and nutrition, environmental stewardship, etc.

Peace Corps = two-year international volunteering program in the areas of: agriculture, environment, community economic development, health, education, and youth in development.

WWOOF = volunteering opportunities to live on an organic farm and learn from a host farmer. Search the different types of farms and locations. These steps include: choose a destination, find the type of WWOOF group you would like to volunteer in, and find a host farmer.

Chesapeake Conservation Corps = one year service opportunity to be placed with either a nonprofit or government in the Chesapeake Bay region. Combination of volunteering, learning, and training to prepare for future environmental steward careers.

Student Conservation Association = SCA’s goal is to help train and educate young people to become leaders in the natural resources and conservation fields. They offer several different opportunities to either volunteer, earn academic credit, or earn a stipend. They also are connected with the AmeriCorps Education Awards program.

UMD Resources

Careers4Terps = as a UMD student or alumni, you can gain access to the Careers4Terps job portal. Use this tool to search for a company by location and industry. You can also look at current job postings, apply for on-campus interviews, participate in careers workshops and more.

AGNR Job Posting Website = specific website that organizes the current job postings on the Careers4Terps portal into a separate place for just AGNR students.

Terp Guide = every year the career center releases a guide which compiles all of the most important career and internship preparation material into one place.

Connect with Alumni

Terrapins Connect

The University Career Center offers a resource called Terrapins Connect. This tool provides virtual access to a list of UMD alumni who have volunteered to connect and assist students with information on particular industries, resume reviews, advice, and more. 

Follow these instructions on how to sign up as a student. 

Utilizing LinkedIn

LinkedIn has the option to find profiles of people who went to the same University as you. From there you are able to narrow it down to alumni who graduated within you major, work at a specific company, or by what year they graduated. Follow the LinkedIn UMD Alumni Network Tutorial to find AGNR alumni related to your major and interests. 

Starting the Conversation

Not sure what questions to ask alumni? Here are some sample questions provided by the Career Center for you to utilize in your correspondences. 

Amy Kline

ENST Natural Resource Management

To provide operational and technical services to protect and enhance the environment for the benefit of the people of Maryland." 

- Maryland Environmental Service (MES) Mission Statement

Read Amy's Featured Alum Interview

Archive of Featured Alum Interviews

Internship Advice

Where to Begin?

An internship is an important stepping stone to getting a job post-graduation. Use these tips to start preparing for your internship search. 

First, think about what you are looking for in an internship. 

  • What are your interests? Would you prefer an office job or a research lab or an outdoor environment? Do you prefer working individually, in groups, or both? Do you want to stay close to campus, close to home, or go somewhere new? What skills have you gained that you want to contribute? What skills do you want to learn?

Second, learn the basics about finding an internship.

  • Attend one of the Career Center's "How to find an internship" events. This specific workshop occurs monthly in the University Career Center. 
  • Visit the University Career Center @ AGNR in Symons Hall, room 0107B in the Academic Programs suite. Use your Careers4Terps account to schedule an appointment. 
  • Take UMD's online class EDCP108I, College and Career Advancement: Concepts and Skills; Academic Transitions to Internships. Recommended for students who have never had an internship before but would like to pursue one. 
  • Gather new tips from LinkedIn Learning videos. 

Third, start your search.

  • Use the job search engines/resources provided above to search for an internship. Use keywords to help narrow your search. For example, "agriculture", "natural resources", "internship", "Maryland" or "paid". 
  • Research which companies will be at job fairs on campus or in the area. Prepare specific questions to ask them at the fair. 
  • Connect with UMD alumni through the resources mentioned above to help build your network. 
  • Have a specific organization in mind? Research their website and learn more about the application process of their internship program. No formal internship program on their website? Reach out to the department you are interested in and tell them why you are interested and inquire if they have hosted interns in the past. 

Fourth, organize your materials.

  • Each internship is different, so each application is likely different as well. Make sure you submit a resume and cover letter tailored specifically to each internship position. 
  • Talk to professors, advisors and supervisors about recommendation letters. Tell them what you are interested in and why you are asking them to write a recommendation letter for you. 

Hoping to apply for an internships with the government? GoGovernment is a useful website with tips and resources on how to apply for internships with the Federal government. 

Resume Tips

Interview Tips

  • Show up to the interview prepared. This means doing your research on the company before the interview. 
  • Practice your answers to sample interview questions. Here are some common questions employers may ask. 
  • Determine what questions your would like to ask the employer. 
  • Follow pages 28 - 31 of Terp Guide to learn more about dressing appropriately and video interviews. 

John Sheridan

SavATree's Plant Health Care Specialist

It was very important for me to understand what certain diseases or pest damage looked like in order to properly treat them with the correct materials and at the proper rate." 

Virtual Events

A list of UMD Fall 2020 Virtual Events related to Careers and Entrepreneurship* - 



*This list does not include every virtual event being offered this semester, for more information check out resources such as the Career Center Events Calendar

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