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Dr. Richard Kohn



Animal & Avian Sciences 1413 AnSc/AgEn Building 8127 Regents Drive College Park, Maryland 20742-2311


  • Animal Nutrition Management


  • Develops and uses mathematical modeling for basic and applied research in animal nutrition
  • animal nutrient metabolism to whole-farm nutrient cycling and life-cycle analysis
  • Models of rumen fermentation and farm nutrient cycling have recently been applied to biofuel production systems that produce methane, hydrogen or ethanol from plant fiber using anaerobic digestion and fermentation
  • Research goal is to decrease pollution of air and water resources from animal agriculture
  • Biofuel production through anaerobic digestion and fermentation

Develop research and extension programs aimed at improving the environmental impact of animal production systems.Identify and evaluate farm management strategies that will reduce nutrient losses from farms, and improve methods to make decisions on farms.

Conduct research to improve nutrition and diet formulation of farm animals and deliver results to extension educators and other professionals as well as directly to farmers.Assist with education of undergraduate and graduate students through advisement, committee responsibilities, and occasional lecturing.

Provide technical assistance to other state and national programs for reducing the potential for environmental damage from animal agriculture.