College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Change Your Major

Interested in changing your major to the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources? Then you've come to right place!

*If you are already a student in AGNR and are looking to switch to another AGNR major, you do NOT need to attend.  Simply make an appointment with the advisor in the department you wish to switch to.

*Students wishing to declare ANIMAL SCIENCES or ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & POLICY do NOT need to attend the AGNR Change of Major Workshop.  Instead, please contact the following individuals who will assist you with the major change process:


All current UMD students wanting to enter the College of AGNR via major change must:

1. Start a 4-year plan for the new major. This allows you to see how your completed coursework will fit into the new degree and help you to determine if this new major is the right one for you before you commit to attending a workshop. AGNR's 4-year plans can be accessed here. If you need help with your 4-year plan or would like some additional insight on the new major, please feel free to meet with any one of our Peer Mentors.

2. Contact the AGNR Academic Department that you are planning to go into and make them aware that you intend to declare one of their majors. Some department advisors prefer to meet with students before they attend a workshop while some prefer to meet after; it's up to you to determine which steps your new department would like you to take first. 

3. Register for a Change of Major Workshop (dates listed below and on the form).

4. Attend the Change of Major Workshop. We will take this time to introduce you to the college and its available resources as well as the academic policies that you should be aware of. Use this time to ask questions about AGNR and other general academics but please note that major-specific advising will not be provided at the workshop.

5. If you have not already done-so, meet with your new Academic Department for advising. 


AGNR Change of Major Workshop Dates:

Fall 2017 Dates:
August 31st - 3:00pm
September 5th - 3:00pm
September 11th - 3:00pm
September 28th - 3:00pm
October 10th - 3:00pm
October 26th - 3:00pm
November 3rd - 3:00pm
November 15th - 3:00pm
November 28th - 3:00pm
December 13th - 3:00pm (in SYM 1110)
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