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Horse and cow

From animal cloning and transgenics to reproduction and neonatal care to behavior and nutrition, our students master the science to improve the animal world. In a department internationally recognized for excellence in research and education, faculty focus on the cellular, molecular, and biotechnological aspects of animal science and production.

Degree Earned: 
Animal Care & Management
Love animals? Interested in exploring careers that deal with the care and use of animals? The Department of Animal and Avian Sciences offers a specialized option in Animal Care and Management This curriculum prepares you for a rewarding career in poultry and livestock production and related fields (animal nutrition, health, and allied industries.)
Combined Ag-Veterinary Medicine
In addition to their major faculty advisor, students interested in veterinary medicine also work with a second advisor in the admissions office of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine located on campus. A combined degree program is available to students who gain admission to veterinary school prior to completing their bachelor's degree.
Prepares students for admission to veterinary, dental or medical schools and/or graduate school. Graduate school study can open the door to an exciting research career in specialty areas of animal or biological sciences such as genetics, nutrition, physiology or cell biology.
Genetics and Cell Biology (Graduate)
The primary thrust of the Genetics and Cell Biology Group is to illuminate the molecular and cellular basis of complex biological systems using a multi-organismal and multi-faceted approach. The group comprises faculty that span across multiple disciplines with research focuses in basic and translational research and with implications for animal health and diseases and the environment.
Reproduction and Development (Graduate)
The Reproduction and Development faculty possess a wide range of scientific expertise that, in many instances, spans multiple core research areas. Through both basic and applied research, our faculty continues to make important contributions to the fields of animal agriculture and the biomedical sciences.
Nutrient Utilization and Metabolism (Graduate)
The Nutrient Utilization and Metabolism faculty possess expertise in both basic and applied research approaches to systemically address important nutritional issues facing animal agriculture at the local, state and national levels.
Pathobiology and Infectious Diseases (Graduate)
The major task for this pathogen-host interacting group is to decipher how hosts launch efficient immunity against infections, thus information obtained will be useful for the development of vaccine and control of infectious diseases. This group include faculty with expertise covering multiple disciplines in both basic and translational research.
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