Christine Roviera

AGNR Student Spotlight

Photo of AGNR Student Spotlight Christine Roviera

Name: Christine Roviera

Major: Animal Science – Science/Pre-professional track

Year: Senior 

Why did you choose your particular major?

I’ve always known that I wanted to become a veterinarian, and being an Animal Science major at UMD allowed me to fulfill all of my Vet School prerequisites, while also reinforcing my conviction that this is the career I want to pursue. 

What types of clubs/organizations are you involved in that relate to your major?

I have been a member of the Pre-Veterinary Society and the Maryland Equestrian Club (MEC) since my Freshman year: I was Parliamentarian of MEC for two years, was the Pre-Vet Society’s Ag Representative last year (so I was also part of the AGNR Student Council) and am currently the club’s Secretary. 

I am a “Big sibling” for an incoming animal science student, which is a system that was implemented in Fall 2020 to match upper-classmen with Freshmen to transition to College life. 

In Fall 2019, I was a TA for the Anatomy of Domestic Animals Lab (ANSC205) and am currently a TA for the Principles of Animal Science Lab (ANSC103) this Fall 2020. 

How have you gotten involved within the wider campus outside of your major? 

I was part of the First-Year Innovation & Research Experience (FIRE) program, which I was invited to join when I got accepted at UMD. Specifically, I was in the Animal Lab of the Animal & Human Relationships Stream, where I conducted research on why and how stress impacts the health of non-human animals. 

I am part of University Honors and have been a Peer Mentor for UH since my Sophomore year. Additionally in Fall 2019, I was a Section Leader who taught the class HONR100 for Honors Freshmen.

Since Spring 2019, I have been a Language Partner in French in the Language Partner Program, which I heard about through peers: I help students in the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures practice their speaking skills. 

Finally, I joined the Classical Ballet Dance Ensemble during my Junior Year because I did ballet for 10 years (but hadn’t danced since moving to the U.S. when I was 15) and wanted to get back into it.  

How did you hear about these clubs?

I learned about most of these clubs from attending the First Look Fair, or by talking to peers. I also looked some up on the Terplink website, which is where I heard about the Classical Ballet Dance Ensemble. 

Was it easy to get involved? 

Given the large amount of available UMD organizations, it is very easy to find ones that you are passionate about and get involved: I personally have only had great experiences with the clubs I joined, and it is also through them that I have made many valuable connections. 

How do you balance extracurriculars and academics?

Both extracurriculars and academics are extremely important to me, and balancing the two requires a lot of time management and organization. I still use a paper weekly planner where I write down everything that I want to do to stay on track.

Has your participation in these clubs influenced your future career pathway?

Definitely. As a pre-vet student, being part of clubs like MEC and the Pre-Vet Society allowed me to gain a lot of animal experience which is required for veterinary school admissions, as well as giving me many leadership opportunities. 

Do you have any advice for future students on getting involved both within AGNR and also within the wider campus? 

You don’t realize how fast your four years of College are going to fly by, so really take advantage of all the opportunities our campus has to offer: join clubs you’re interested in but also don’t be afraid to try new things!