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Dr. Cerruti RR Hooks



Entomology 4112A Plant Sciences Building 4291 Fieldhouse Drive College Park, Maryland 20742-4454


  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Organic research
  • Biological control
  • sustainable agriculture


  • Application of ecological theories and use of natural enemies in the development of management strategies for insect pest.
  • Determining mechanisms underpinning arthropod responses to habitat manipulation and using the information to concomitantly enhance the effectiveness of natural enemies, suppress crop pests, and improve marketable crop yields
  • Integrate ecological pest management tactics with other insect management strategies (e.g., biological control, host plant resistance, etc.
  • Establish pest management systems that incorporate and centers on biological and ecological control but are not too disruptive to current crop protection practices
  • Taking an interdisciplinary research approach to develop pest management strategies that suppress above and below ground crop pests concurrently thereby enhancing the opportunity to improve the overall economic and ecological sustainability of farming communities
  • Introducing production practices to growers and other stakeholders that offer multiple production benefits establishing an integrated extension alliance