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The staff of the Office of Academic Programs invites students and those with an interest in our educational offerings to visit at any time.

0108 Symons Hall 7998 Regents Drive College Park, MD 20742-5551
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Name Contact Information Expertise
April Brohawn

Program Director

301 314-7222


Heather Buchanan


301 405-0117

Undergraduate Student Services

New Student Orientation

Graduation & Commencement

University Policy & Exceptions

Amanda B Clougherty

Associate Director

301 314-9032


Event Planning

Kristen Coffey


301 405-5308

Evelyn E Cooper

Assistant Dean and Director

301 405-7044

Tyra C. Gallman-Monnity

Executive Administrative Assistant II

301 405-2078

301 405-2078

Schedule meetings for Dr. Joe H. Sullivan

Schedule meetings for Dr. Evelyn E. Cooper

Schedule room reservations for 0118 Symons Hall

Assist with Ag Discovery

Assist with SROP Program

Student Appointments

AGNR Blog/Listserv

Teaching Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships

Gen-Ed Curriculum

Edward Sinnes


301 314-1520

Joseph H. Sullivan

Professor and Associate Dean

301 405-2078

301 405-1626

forest ecology

ultraviolet radiation


plant physiology

Environmental Science