Momentum Magazine

Intended as a means to keep our loyal alumni up to date with the activities and accomplishments of the college and all of its components, MomentUM actually appeals to a far broader audience. Insightfully written and beautifully photographed articles provide the reader with an entertaining and informative look at the impact AGNR has on Maryland every day.

Summer 2023

Momentum Magazine Summer 2023 cover

Preventing A Poultry Pandemic 


This edition highlights how AGNR is preventing a poultry pandemic, elevating Maryland wine and the Montgomery County Agricultural Preserve, connecting Marylanders online, and offering our students new classes and experiences on campus and abroad.

Summer 2023

Winter 2023

Momentum Magazine Winter 2023 cover

We've Got You Covered 

Maximizing the Benefits of Cover Crops 

This edition showcases our college's work as a national leader in cover crop research and a pioneering new approach to landscape architecture through “design empathy.”

Winter 2023

Summer 2022

Momentum Magazine Summer 2022 cover

A Recipe to Feed the World 

growing smarter, simpler, solutions for food and nutrition security 

AGNR alumni, students, and faculty are helping to feed the world while also developing innovative solutions to eat healthier and create a more sustainable and equitable future.

Summer 2022

Winter 2022

Cover of Momentum Magazine Winter 2022

A Savory New Major

Students Explore The Bubbling, Biological Process of Fermentation

Explore the exciting world of our new fermentation science major, the Extension Bay-Wise program, and much more. In this issue, see how AGNR is contributing to a healthy planet from nutrient management to preventing plasticulture pollution; ensuring nutritious, local food for all to assessing fish populations.

Winter 2022

Summer 2021 Issue

Momentum Summer 2021 cover

The Ripple Effects of Ripple 


Featured in this issue are AGNR's highly acclaimed environmental work by our world class faculty and students, as well as community efforts surrounding this year's cicada emergence and the college's renewed commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Respect for all. 

Summer 2021 

Winter 2021 Issue

Momentum Winter 2021

Building Resilience 


Despite the challenges we have faced in this past year, our college and community has remained resilient and responded with extraordinary measures. Whether it's providing stress management and mindfulness support to Marylanders statewide or working to preserve the vulture population in Africa, our excellence spread across research, academics, and Extension continues to make an impact both locally and globally. 

Winter 2021 

Summer 2020 Issue

Momentum Summer 2020

The Spaces Between

the transformative power of public green spaces 

This issue of Momentum amplifies the volumes of progress and positivity related to our strategic initiative, Optimize Urban Environments Through Design, Green Technology, and Community Engagement.  

Summer 2020 

Winter 2020 Issue

Momentum Winter 2020

Elevating Urban Agriculture 

Limited land, unlimited potential 

Dig into our college's efforts to Advance Innovative, Profitable, and Sustainable Agriculture Production Systems. Ag production can have a very traditionalist connotation but these stories paint a very modern picture of the diverse systems, people, career fields, and issues that are associated with our work.  

Winter 2020 

Summer 2019 Issue

Momentum Summer 2019 Cover

The Changing Climate of Coastal Farming

Rising to the Challenge

Explore the college's efforts in helping ensure a clean and healthy Chesapeake Bay by helping farmers navigate the tides of saltwater intrusion, and a revolution in management of green space and stormwater practices by residents in Baltimore City. 

Summer 2019 

Winter 2019 Issue

Momentum Winter 2019



Leaders in gene-editing research

The challenges put forth to establish a healthy food system and ensure global food and nutritional security are substantial, and the college is committed to tackling them head-on. In this issue, we invite you to explore our research utilizing the groundbreaking CRISPR technology, a century of service from alumni Vernon Foster, a senior dietetics student challenging his fellow students to cook smarter and healthier in just a matter of minutes, and so much more. We hope you enjoy the experience!  

Winter 2019

Summer 2018 Issue


Charting A Course Towards Healthier Living Systems

Explore the concept of One Health in this issue, highlighting research at the Port of Baltimore producing sustainable energy, our efforts to combat Lyme disease, our international work in Liberia with ROOTS Africa, and more!

Summer 2018