Through the generosity of alumni, industry partners, and friends of the college, the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (AGNR) offers scholarships to talented undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in one of our academic majors. AGNR scholarships are awarded based on merit, scholarship application materials, and a variety of other factors. Please review the following sections to determine which scholarships you are eligible to apply for.

It is strongly recommended that all current AGNR Students complete their profiles and use the University's Scholarship Universe platform. Scholarship Universe matches students bsed on their completed profiles to any number of over 12,000 vetted internal and external scholarship awards in their database that the student may qualify for. 

Students experiencing financial difficulty or crisis may apply for emergency financial assistance through the UMD Student Crisis Fund. Current students can also apply for the UMD Emergency Financial Aid Grant funding through the Office of Student Financial Aid. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Program Director for Recruitment and Student Engagement, April Brohawn at or

New Student (Freshmen & IAA) Scholarships

The scholarship program for entering freshmen and Institute of Applied Agriculture (IAA) students is competitive and based on academic merit, scholarship materials, and a variety of other factors.

The scholarship application for students who have been admitted as a Freshman or new IAA student for the 2023-2024 academic year is NOW OPEN. Please click the button below to be taken to the application. 

AGNR New Student Scholarship Application

The deadline to submit a New Freshman Scholarship application is March 1, 2023. Students who submit a complete application by the deadline are automatically considered for every scholarship administered by AGNR for which they are eligible.

Notifications will be sent by April 1, 2023.

It is recommended that admitted students also visit their AGNR department's website for any additional scholarships that may be administered through private funds. 

As part of the application, students will be required to submit an essay (750 words or less) on the following topic: 

What led you to wanting to study within the College of AGNR and the major you chose? Tell us why you are passionate about this field and how the opportunities within our College and UMD can help you achieve your career goals. How could earning a scholarship help you be successful as a Terp?

Note: Students who have received merit aid from the University are still eligible to apply for college- and department-level scholarship funds. University-level merit aid notices were released mid-February. Additionally, you do not need to commit to UMD prior to applying for these scholarships or receiving a scholarship offer -- however, if offered an award, you will only receive the funds if you enroll. 

If you missed the deadline to apply, you can apply for the current and new transfer scholarship awards but please note that decisions will not be released until this summer. 

Current Student & Transfer Student Scholarships

Scholarships for current and transfer students are awarded annually by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

The Current/Transfer student application closed on May 15th for academic year 2022-23.  

Newly admitted IAA or Freshmen are also eligible to apply if they did not receive a new student award or missed that application deadline. 

Applicants will be considered for every scholarship administered by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources for which they are eligible. 

Notifications of awards will be released no later than July 1 each year. 

Study Abroad Scholarships

The AGNR Study Abroad Scholarship for students traveling in Winter, Spring, or Summer 2023 is NOW OPEN. 

AGNR Study Abroad Scholarship Application

This scholarship offers small scholarships to assist students in travel costs to participate in an Education Abroad experience. 


The deadline to submit this form is December 13, 2022. Students receiving a scholarship will be notified by January 6, 2023. 

If you have any questions, please contact April Brohawn at or 

Departmental Scholarship Opportunities

Animal Science Scholarships

Plant Science and Landscape Architecture

Environmental Science and Technology

Most other departments have scholarship funds but do not have a posted application process. Please contact your advisor or the department for more information. 

External Scholarships

For a listing of active external scholarships, visit the AGNR Undergraduate Blog 

Scholarship Resources

Emergency Funding Opportunities

If you are experiencing a hardship or other emergency financial need, please see the information above regarding opportunities at the University level through the UMD Student Crises Fund and Office of Student Financial Aid

Additionally, if you are a Maryland Resident, we encourage you to apply for the Catherine M. Brinkley Fund loan program. We're accepting applications on a rolling basis. 

At this time all available AGNR Scholarships for AY 2021-22 have been awarded.