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Meet the Academic Programs Team

The staff of the Office of Academic Programs invites students and those with an interest in our educational offerings to visit at any time.

Our goal is to assist students in achieving their academic best and doing so in a pleasant, efficient manner. Drop by—our open door policy ensures that if someone is here, we will make time to see you. You may also contact us for an appointment.

We are located in 0108 Symons Hall, 7998 Regents Drive. View it's location on-campus through UMD's Web Map feature or here through Google Maps

Email:, Phone: 301-405-2078

Dr. Joe Sullivan

Dr. Joe Sullivan is the Associate Dean for Academic Programs and a Professor in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Contact Dr. Sullivan at 301-405-2078 or e-mail him at

Dr. Evelyn Cooper

Dr. Evelyn E. Cooper is the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Dr. Cooper oversees major academic advising, exceptions to academic policy, and permission to enroll registration.  In addition, Dr. Cooper represents AGNR at recruitment events. Contact Dr. Cooper at 301-405-7044 or

April Brohawn

April Brohawn is the Coordinator for Recruitment at the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. April works directly with prospective students and transfer students interested in AGNR programs. During the fall semester, April represents AGNR at open houses, college fairs, and high school events. She also connects prospective students with AGNR Ambassadors. During the spring semester, April helps students make their college decision and will meet with students and their families on an individual basis. Contact April at 301-314-7222 or

Heather Buchanan

Heather Buchanan is the Coordinator for Undergraduate Academic Programs. Heather oversees undergraduate college-level student advising and academic policy to help students track their progress and bench-marking all the way to graduation. Heather also works with new AGNR students guiding them through the orientation process and organizing Change of Major workshops. You can contact Heather at 301-405-0117 or

Christina Farmer

Christina Farmer is the Program Director for Career Services within the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. In her role, she works to connect employers and students for meaningful career and professional development opportunities. She meets directly with students to prepare them for internships and jobs. Further she is charged with coordinating career programs and events to expose students to careers with the agriculture and natural resources fields. Students can make an appointment with Christina through Careers4Terps.

Tyra Gallman

Tyra Gallman is the Administrative Assistant to the Office of Academic Programs and the Associate Dean. Tyra helps with the daily operation of the Academic Programs office, including scheduling and student appointments, and is the contact for the Associate Dean. She also assists with planning for Ag Discovery and Maryland Day. Contact Tyra at 301-405-2078 or

Hollin Claire Roberts

Hollin Claire Roberts is the Scholarship Coordinator in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. She administers the AGNR Scholarship Program, serving as liaison between students and donors. Hollin helps coordinate the day-to-day management of the Academic Programs office, and assists with AGNR recruitment, Ag Day, student organizations, and alumni programs. Contact Hollin at 301-405-5308 or