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The goal of the Chesapeake Bay Agricultural Programs is to tackle water quality goals by understanding agricultural and other nonpoint source inputs of nutrient pollution like nitrogen and phosphorus, and to a lesser degree, sediments. The work encompasses several objectives that will support the implementation of best management practices and provide better data inputs into models that inform programs and policies related to water quality goals for the Bay and its tributaries throughout the watershed region.

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410 Severn Ave Suite 112 Annapolis, MD 21403
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Ruth Cassilly

Faculty Assistant

410 267-5707

Loretta Collins

Faculty Specialist

410 295 1382

Soils, Nutrient Management

Mark P. Dubin

Faculty Specialist

410 267-9833

301 405-1306

Gurpal Toor


Nutrient Management

Water Quality


Soil Chemistry

Soil Fertility

Extension Specialist