Emma Weiss

Emma Weiss

Agricultural Science & Technology
Plant Science

Catonsville, MD

Career Goal: 
My primary interests are sustainable agriculture and international rural development. In graduate school, I would like to specialize in agroforestry and other agroecosystem structures. As a career I hope to travel to developing countries all over the worl

Club Climbing, Terrapin Trail Club, Longboarding Club, Horticulture Club, Barbell Club, Green Roots, Gemstone (Team CYCLE)

Favorite Place on Campus: 
The research greenhouse!

Advice for New Students: 
Even if you feel prepared to make the transition to college, you’re going to face some pretty intimidating challenges; for me, the biggest one was balance. Figuring out a good balance between academics, extra curriculars, being social, and sleeping will guarantee good grades and good memories to look back on. Time management is key – but don’t be too hard on yourself! Email me at: eweiss21@umd.edu

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Emma Weiss

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