Academics at AGNR

Food, nutrition and human health, genomics, biotechnology, energy, economics, animal diseases and welfare, and the environment—all vital and thought-provoking topics and hallmarks of the 21st century –are being studied in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (AGNR) at the University of Maryland. These topics, cover the entire biosystem spectrum ranging from the molecular to the ecosystem level, and including the human community, make it an exciting time to be part of our College.

Dr. Craig Beyrouty, Dean

Academic Departments

Animal & Avian Sciences

Animal science is the study of domesticated animals used for food, biomedical research, and leisure.

Agricultural & Resource Economics

A world-class academic unit specializing in the broad issues of the economics of agricultural, environmental, and natural resources.


Focus on insects and their relatives, but spanning subdisciplines, including: ecology, aquatic biology, molecular and developmental biology, genetics, biological control of insects and weeds, systematics, evolutionary biology, integrated pest management, toxicology, and insect pathology.

Environmental Science & Policy

A multi-disciplinary program with practical experience to garner an appreciation for the ways science, social systems, and policy interact to respond to the world's emerging environmental challenges.

Environmental Science & Technology

Fundamentals of environmental science, while instilling a deep fascination and intellectual capacity to work in their chosen area of specialization, whether it's Natural Resources Management, Ecological Design, Soil and Watershed Science, or Environmental Health.

Nutrition & Food Science

For students interested in the dynamic and global food industry, public health and community nutrition sectors, health care, or biomedical research, with a mission to improve food safety, diet, and health.

Plant Science & Landscape Architecture

Agricultural Science and Technology (Agronomy), Landscape Architecture, and Plant Science majors as well as the Agricultural Education dual major. Explore a science-based curriculum to obtain skills in agricultural production, design built environments that minimize impacts and restore natural ecosystems, or study basic and applied plant biology.

Veterinary Medical Sciences

Sponsors graduate degrees, research, and extension programs dedicated to improving the health of animals and humans. A partnership with the VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine (VMRCVM).

Institute of Applied Agriculture

The Institute of Applied Agriculture offers eight academic certificate programs that provide students with the entrepreneurial and technical skills needed to manage profitable agricultural enterprises including golf courses, boarding stables, sports fields, landscape companies, and farming operations.

International Programs

The College is committed to providing a unique student experience with global scope. Learn more about our study abroad opportunities, international Extension programs, ROOTS Africa, China 2+2, and other opportunities for students and faculty.

International Programs

Student Spotlights

Students vs. Sous Chefs

Patrick Keenan, Dietetics

How do you think a college student would fare in a head-to-head cooking competition against a professional chef? That’s also the idea behind “Terps vs. Pros,” a new You Tube series showing how nutritious and delicious dorm cooking can really be.

Terps vs. Pros

Flying High with Bald Eagles

This unique research experience with Dr. William Bowerman, Chair of Environmental Science and Technology, involves a combination of leadership, lab work, field work, wildlife tracking, and even intense climbing, all while providing deep knowledge on the country's national bird, no longer on the endangered species list thanks largely to data from this program on population health and toxins.

Bald Eagle Research

Planting ROOTS in Liberia

Cedric Nwafor photo

ROOTS Africa, a student-led organization with the goal to fight poverty and hunger in rural Africa through innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable agricultural practices, traveled to Liberia over spring break to implement training and educational programs they have been organizing since last fall.

ROOTS Africa in Liberia

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