AgPAS (Pre-Award Services)

AgPAS is AGNR's Pre-Award Services unit for all proposals going forward from the college. If you intend to submit a proposal, please complete the Notice of Intent to Submit webform.  Once received, your Contract Administrator will contact you to coordinate the process.  

Access AgPAS Services

Notice of Intent/Questionnaires

Complete even if only considering submitting a proposal.

Notice of Intent

Complete for all proposals requesting funding.


Complete the Non-Funded Questionnaire for )MOU's, )Non-Disclosure Agreements, )Data Use Agreements, )Software Licenses, )Teaming Agreements, )Equipment Loans, etc.   (For Material Transfers, use the Material Transfer Agreement instead.)




2021 AFRI Applications:   Deadlines and Instructions

USDA-NIFA's 2021 AFRI includes Foundational, Education & Workforce Development, and Sustainable Agriculture Systems. The deadlines extend from 01/07/21 through 10/06/21.  See below for details.  Complete your Notice of Intent ASAP and your AgPAS Contract Administrator will contact you. 



Pre-Proposal Process:  7/14/2020

Effective 7/14/2020, any pre-proposal that is submitted through a sponsor's proprietary system must be routed through AgPAS and ORA, regardless if a detailed budget is required or not.  

If the pre-proposal is not being submitted through a proprietary system AND only an estimated budget is required, the pre-proposal would not need to be routed

AgPAS requires PI's to provide a "courtesy copy" for non-routed pre-proposals.



NIH Forms Set "F" have been mandatory for all NIH submissions due on or after 05/25/2020.  (Replacing Forms Set "E.")

NIH regularly updates its form set used for all proposal submissions. AgPAS compiles all AGNR proposals in era Commons, via ASSIST where these updates are automatically integrated and typically don't impact compilation or submission.

Click here for ANNOTATED SCREEN GRABS of all changes from "E" to "F."


NSF Submissions:  New Requirements for Biosketch and Current & Pending Effective 10/05/2020

If submitting to NSF, your Biosketch and Current & Pending forms must adhere to new standards, as catalogued in NSF's [PDF format] 2020 Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG), also available in HTML with NSF's "Significant Changes and Clarifications" for all upper level changes, which include, but are not limited to: 

  • 06/01/2020:  Collaborators & Other Affiliations (COA's) Information, has been updated to remove language requiring the user to save the format in .xlsx, as well as deletion of coverage on the conversion of the file by FastLane to PDF. Guidance has been added to clarify that the instructions at the top of the template may be deleted and rows may be inserted as needed to provide additional names.
  • 10/01/2020:  New Biosketch and Current & Pending Support options.  NSF will only accept Biosketches and Current & Pending Support forms in two distinct formats - either an NSF-approved fillable PDF or forms generated through registration/interaction with SciENcv (Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae)


Terms and Conditions, Maryland (and Delaware) Soybean Board Awards

If your proposal is selected for funding, always read your terms and conditions.  Some awards have a "hard stop" - ORA will not establish an award account until the PI completes an Intellectual Property Waiver.  Such is the case for Maryland Soybean Board & Delaware Soybean Board awards.  See attached representative award document highlighting some of the unique conditions.  AgPAS advises PI's to always read your award's Terms and Conditions, regardless of the sponsor.  We can assist with this; please contact if need be.

Forms & Tools


Form Description Download
ORA's Sponsored Research Handbook Basic grantsmanship terms, concepts, and processes, with a UMD slant.

On ORA's Website

Establishing Subawards at UMD AgPAS offers this informative primer on the subaward process for award recipients and our Post-Award colleagues. Download
AgPAS Budget AgPAS's preferred budget. Must be used for USDA-NIFA proposals. This budget auto-calculates options in USDA's allowable IDC rates. Download
Cost-Share Worksheet Complete whenever pledging institutional (departmental) cost-share including foregone F&A. Must be signed by Departmental Chair, or designee. (Updated April 2020)
NOTE: Third-party cost-share documentation must also be included, must be provided by Fiscal Authority of the third party.
Sub-recipient Commitment Form Should be completed and included with proposal submission for each prospective subawardee. The AgPAS Contract Administrator will complete with PI's assistance. Download
Organized Research Unit -or- Significant Project Designation If your unit or project is authorized to budget for what are normally considered unallowable administrative costs, use this form to apply for special status which would streamline the proposal review process. Download
Guidelines Guidelines for Organized Research Unit -or- Significant Project Designation. This document provides further context for determining if your project and/or unit qualifies for status as a Significant Project or Authorized Research Unit. Download
Material Transfer

Use only when transferring Materials from another institution.

Updated 13 January 2021.

Advanced Account Request When unofficial notice of funding has been received, and sponsors authorizes pre-award spending, PI/Department may opt to establish an advanced account. PI and Department establish an AANA with understanding that they are operating at risk unitl ORA receives official authorizing notice from the sponsor. Download

Establishing Subawards at UMD

(POST AWARD) AgPAS offers this informative primer on the subaward process for award recipients and our Post-Award colleagues. Download
Sub-Award Request Form (POST AWARD) If the proposal submitted included sub-awards in the budget, PI/Department must complete this form to signal ORA to draft the subaward agreement and collect bilateral signatures. Download
Sub-Award Modification Request (POST AWARD)  Use to request a modfication to an existing subaward being let to another institution, including changes to performance period, amount awarded, reporting requirements,etc. Download






AgPAS was established within the Dean's Office on November 2, 2014 to consolidate all pre-award functions for AGNR.  We strive to increase efficiencies by standardizing business processes and responding to opportunities more strategically. Our primary purpose is to ease the administrative burden of AGNR PI's thus allowing you to focus your energy on the science and/or outreach. This results in more proposals submitted and more proposals funded.



Snapshot:  Single-page overview of AgPAS's routing and submission processes.

Detailed Procedures: Detailed overview of AgPAS's processes.

Time Dependent Review:  AgPAS will strive to submit all proposals going forward. Thoroughness of review is dependent on interval of time between proposal's arrival in AgPAS and sponsor's deadline.



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