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Veterinary Medicine 8075 Greenmead Drive College Park, Maryland 20742-3711


  • Poultry Health


  • Investigate knowledge gaps and risk factors in the pathogenesis and recurrence of economically important poultry diseases on the Delmarva peninsula
  • Develop and recommend practical and cost-effective strategies to prevent and control economically important poultry diseases such as Avian Influenza

Dr. Tablante's areas of expertise are in poultry medicine, epidemiology, and poultry health management. His main interests include the development of computer-based flock health profiles and poultry disease monitoring programs, conducting epidemiologic studies to determine predisposing factors associated with economically important diseases or conditions affecting domestic poultry, and providing extension service and technical support to commercial and small-scale/backyard-type poultry producers. Dr. Tablante is currently the Director of the Veterinary Medical Sciences Graduate Program. He also actively collaborates with his colleagues on poultry disease research and teaches Anatomy of Domestic Animals at the Department of Animal and Avian Sciences. His Extension activities focus on developing educational programs on poultry biosecurity and disease prevention.