Green Roots

Green Roots

Have you ever wanted to grow food, but didn't want to deal with soil and weeds? Do you want to grow food in your own room? Join Green Roots to find out more, and get hands on experience while meeting new people.

Green Roots is a diverse community of passionate individuals dedicated to using innovative technology to advance sustainable and urban agriculture. This is a gardening club that grows food using hydroponics, which is a technique to grow plants without soil.

This is a club for anyone regardless of one’s field of study. Growing food is easy! You don’t need technical or gardening expertise to join. Our organization is built on a do-it-yourself mentality. We value innovation, initiative, collaboration, and creativity. It is project-based and student-driven. Our success depends on member commitment, interest, and passion. Thus, we strive to empower our members to generate cool ideas, take leadership roles, and develop new interests or skills.

This club offers many opportunities:

  • Garden & Innovation

    • Hands on experience with hydroponics

    • Seeding, maintenance, harvest, garden planning

    • Launch new projects: aquaponics, bioremediation, robotics, data automation

    • Design and build new systems: NFT, Dutch Bucket Systems, Demo System

  • Marketing & Media

    • Website development

    • Social media

    • Photography, film, graphic design

    • Design flyers, stickers, etc.

  • Organization Development & Engagement

    • Outreach and education

    • Event planning

    • Project management

    • Fundraising and grant writing

If any of this sounds interesting, give us a like on our Facebook and email us at We have biweekly meetings, but most of our work is done outside of those meetings. We operate out of the Research Greenhouse Complex, behind Xfinity. We hope to hear from you!