Enhancing Resilience in Agriculture Using Profitable Maryland Triticale Cultivars

Changing climatic conditions, increased pressure from biotic stresses and reduction in agricultural land pose big global challenges for crop production. As a result, there is an urgent need to focus on developing resilient cereal crops that require low input and can fulfill the needs of grain, forage, feed and cover crops. A new project being led by University of Maryland Assistant Professor Dr. Vijay Tiwari suggests triticale is a great fit for these requirements. 

Low adoption of triticale in the North Eastern region is due to issues with concerns about production, availability of end-use markets, competition from wheat, barley and rye, and lack of focused research to identify better triticale lines and their evaluation for cover crop performances. 

This project will deliver efficient, modern, locally adapted triticale cultivars that can be used as the cool season cover crop for Maryland and the broader Mid-Atlantic region.