Undergraduate Honors

Honors Program

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Undergraduate Honors Program is intended to provide academically talented students with the opportunity for significant professional development through pursuit of a scholarly investigation under the guidance of a faculty adviser and to provide recognition of that development through the college honors citation. The scholarly investigation should go beyond the scope of the regular curriculum.


  1. The student must be enrolled as a College of Agriculture and Natural Resources major.

  2. The student must have completed at least 56 credits (junior standing) and must have completed at least 12 credits in their major.

  3. The student must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.2 and a minimum gpa of 3.2 in courses required in the major.


  1. Six or more credits in upper-level honors courses, seminars, or workshops. These courses may be from any department on campus and may also be used to meet other requirements such as CORE Advanced Studies if approved as such. Graduate courses in the department (600-level), may substitute for any part of this requirement.

  2. Six or more credits of DEPARTMENTAL 388 Honors Thesis Research under the direction of a faculty member, culminating in a thesis and satisfactory performance on an oral defense of the thesis conducted by two or more faculty members. Following a successful defense the student needs to file appropriate forms available from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Academic Programs Office.


Students interested in entering the AGNR College Honors Program should submit an application to the AGNR Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Dr. Joseph Sullivan. Applications are available here and can be returned to 0108 Symons Hall or e-mailed to Admission will be based on grades, background and work experience as well as evidence of the motivation and maturity necessary for the successful completion of the program. Admission will also be contingent upon the availability of a faculty adviser.


All students enrolled in departmental honors are members of the University Honors Program and as such, may register for Honors courses and seminars offered through the program. Other benefits include eligibility for Honors scholarships, Honors housing, and participation in all Honors student activities and organizations.

Honors Certification

The student who successfully completes the honors requirements and all other degree requirements while maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or above will graduate with "Honors"; while a student completing the above with a GPA of 3.6 or above will graduate with "High Honors".

The AGNR Honors Program requires a major commitment of time and effort. We encourage qualified students willing to make this commitment to apply.

Interested students may direct questions or inquiries to the AGNR Associate Dean for Academic Programs at