Peer Mentors

**AGNR Peer Mentors are still here to help! Our mentors have moved their operations online for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester and will be happy to meet with you via e-mail, phone, or video-chat! Just reach out to any Peer Mentor (e-mails are listed in the profiles below) and they will be happy to assist!**

Meet your AGNR Peer Mentors!

Each Peer Mentor is trained to assist students from any AGNR major. Therefore, if you do not see a Peer Mentor with your major or cannot meet with them at their scheduled office hours, feel free to meet with any of the Peer Mentors! 


Ellie is smiling and holding a live snake at the Virginia Maryland Vet School

Ellie Hidalgo is majoring in Animal Sciences, Pre-Professional. She is from MD and is interested in becoming a veterinarian one day. She is currently the president of Pre-Vet Society, an RA in LaPlata Hall, and is a Guided Study Session (GSS) Leader for ANSC205. She is also a member of Block & Bridle, works at a small animal clinic during school breaks, and recently graduated from the FIRE program here at UMD.


Sara is standing on Westminster Bridge in London, England. The London Eye ferris wheel is in the background.

Sara Ramotnik is majoring in Environmental Science & Policy: Environmental Economics. She is from MD just finished her internship with the Chesapeake Bay Program as their Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution Analysis Intern. During the school year, she is a tour guide for Images, an officer of the social sorority Alpha Delta Pi, and a member of the UMD club sailing team. She is also the research assistant for a graduate student in ENST; they are conducting research on the use of riparian forest buffers within the Chesapeake Bay watershed.


Liz is smiling and standing in front of a tree covered in yellow flowers

Liz Nguyen is majoring in Environmental Science & Technology: Ecosystem Health. She is currently doing mapping & field work on salt water intrusion for Dr. Tully's Agroecology Lab. She is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, a nationally recognized co-ed service fraternity, as well as the Environment, Technology, and Economy Scholars program here at UMD. 


Taylor is smiling and standing in front of a wooden fence

Taylor Kasoff is majoring in Nutrition and Food Science: Dietetics. She is from MD and wants to be a registered dietitian working in a clinical setting with patients with gastrointestinal issues and consulting a nonprofit on the side. She is a transfer student and involved in Club Field Hockey and the Student Dietetic Association.


Emma is pretending to drive a tractor made out of logs.

Emma Weiss is double majoring in Plant Sciences & Agricultural Science and Technology (Horticulture). She is from MD and is interested in sustainable agriculture and international rural development. She would like to go to graduate school to specialize in agroforestry and other agroecosystem structures. She is involved in Club Climbing, Terrapin Trail Club, Longboarding Club, Horticulture Club, Barbell Club, Green Roots, and Gemstone.

*All AGNR Majors

Don't see your AGNR Major? Don't FRET! 

Each Peer Mentor is trained to assist students from any AGNR major. Therefore, if you do not see a Peer Mentor with your major or cannot meet with them at their scheduled office hours, feel free to meet with any of the Peer Mentors! 

What is an AGNR Peer Mentor?

Peer Mentors are an important resource in the College of AGNR. This service offers students a chance to talk with a fellow classmate about everyday campus issues, advising, registration, and more.

Peer Mentors are selected AGNR upperclassmen who have achieved good academic success while maintaining an active schedule of extracurricular activities, work, service, and more. Peer Mentors know how to manage time and get the most out of the university, and best of all, they speak your language - Peer Mentors are one of you!

What can a Peer Mentor do for me?

The Peer Mentors are available to answer questions such as the following:

  • What in the world is a 4-year plan and how am I supposed to make one?
  • VENUS has me bogged down; what am I doing wrong when trying to create my class schedule?
  • CHEM231 is not going very well; where can I get some real help?
  • My advisor's great when I need to talk about classes in my major, but isn't there someone who knows the ropes who can help me with a residence hall issue?
  • Are there things I should be doing to prepare for my advising appointments?

Peer Mentors are in a position to help with the technical aspects of course selection, schedule building, online registration, GENED requirements, general academic policy guidance, and 4-year plan and Benchmark creation. Peer Mentors can also put you in touch with other UM staff for additional help. They interact closely with the college's Office of Academic Programs (Student Services, 0107 Symons).

What is the AGNR Peer Mentor Policy?

It is the policy of the college that all new freshmen visit a Peer Mentor before scheduling an appointment with their faculty advisor. The time with the Peer Mentors will be used to check 4-year plans, Benchmark progress, as well as select a preliminary class schedule for the next term for review with their advisor. All AGNR students will continue this pre-advising appointment with a Peer Mentor for four semesters.

Peer Mentor Schedule