Academic Support

Academic Support

COVID-19 Information for AGNR Academic Programs Undergraduate Student Advising Services

  • The University has moved to an online format for the remainder of the semester beginning on March 30, 2020. This includes academic students services and departmental advising. You should have been contacted by your major informing you of the process and requirements for early registration.

  • To contact your assigned academic advisor, please visit this link.

  • To check your major and degree requirements, please visit this link.

  • To change your major to AGNR, please visit this link.

  • To check file an exception to an academic policy request, please visit this link.

  • For other academic resources and information, please visit this link.

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Peer Mentors

AGNR Peer Mentors

AGNR Peer Mentors are successful, engaged students who help provide academic counseling and assistance. They hold weekly office hours, attend monthly group meetings, become a teaching assistant, and help select future Peer Mentors. Interested in connecting with or becoming a Peer Mentor?

Meet AGNR Peer Mentors

Academic Support & Tutoring Resources

Guided Study Sessions

Study sessions for traditionally difficult courses, led by students who were successful in the class.

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The Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Education (OMSE)

Walk-in and by-appointment tutoring. Available to all students.

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Tutoring & Academic Success Resources

Tutoring services and a wide range of academic resources available on campus, from peer institutions, or other non-university websites. Topics include: tutoring by subject, procrastination, time management, note-taking skills, test-taking skills, study skills, and much more!

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Academic Success and Tutorial Services (ASTS)

Free tutoring for biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, statistics, accounting, economics, and psychology courses.

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The Learning Assistance Service (LAS)

Part of the Counseling Center, offering individual sessions and workshops in areas such as study skills, time management, and exam-taking skills.

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Mathematics Department

Free walk-in tutoring for all 100- and 200-level courses in mathematics.

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Math Success Program

Free walk-in math tutoring.

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Chemistry Tutoring & Exam Bank

Free Chemistry tutoring up to General Chemistry 2, and an exam test bank by the Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity.

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Physics Department

Free Physics tutoring.

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The Writing Center

Assists students in planning and revising written assignments for any class. Especially helpful for ENGL101.

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The Grammar Hotline

For questions about word choice, punctuation, sentence structure, and citing sources.

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The Counseling Center

Offers resources in areas such as study skills, time management and exam-taking skills. Also provides free confidential individual sessions with a counselor.

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Private Tutors by Discipline

Biology: Contact the Symons Hall Undergraduate Academic Programs Office (1322 Symons Hall, 301-405-6892).

Chemistry: Contact the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Undergraduate Programs Office (1206 Chemistry Building, 301-405-1791).

Other subjects: Visit the departmental website for the major for information on private tutors.