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The staff of the Office of Academic Programs invites students and those with an interest in our educational offerings to visit at any time. Our goal is to assist students in achieving their academic best and doing so in a pleasant, efficient manner. Drop by—our open door policy ensures that if someone is here, we will make time to see you. You may also contact us for an appointment.

Academic Programs
0108 Symons Hall
7998 Regents Drive
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-5551

Associate Dean's Office: 301-405-2078


Meet the Staff

Dr. Joe Sullivan is the Associate Dean for Academic Programs and a Professor in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Contact Dr. Sullivan at 301-405-2078 or e-mail him at

If you have questions about any of the following, see Dr. Sullivan:

Undergraduate Research Certificate in International Agriculture & Natural Resources
Course Scheduling/changes College Honors Program
General Education Courses Graduate Student Questions/Services
Learning Outcomes Assessment (LOA) College PCC
University Teaching Apprenticeships (UTAP)

Dr. Evelyn E. Cooper is the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Dr. Cooper oversees major academic advising, exceptions to academic policy, and permission to enroll registration.  In addition, Dr. Cooper represents AGNR at recruitment events. Before coming to AGNR, Dr. Cooper was an assistant director in the Letters and Sciences program. Contact Dr. Cooper at 301-405-7044 or by email.

Fun fact: Dr. Cooper is a two-time Iron Girl triathlete. She plans to participate in the Olympic Distance and Maryland triathlons next year.

If you have questions about any of the following, see Dr. Cooper:

Supplemental student advising Change of major &/or orientation programs
2+2 Students Athletic clearances
Student retention  Special exception to university policy
Academic dismissal/readmission Curriculum questions
UNIV courses Supplemental grade reports
Education abroad Permission to enroll at another institution


April Brohawn is the Assistant to the Dean for Recruitment at the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. April works directly with prospective students and transfer students interested in AGNR programs. During the fall semester, April represents AGNR at open houses, college fairs, and high school events. She also connects prospective students with AGNR Ambassadors. During the spring semester, April helps students make their college decision and will meet with students and their families on an individual basis. Before coming to AGNR, April was a counselor in the Office of Admissions and continues to work with other counselors to ensure that students applying to AGNR receive full consideration. Contact April at 301-314-7222 or by email.

Fun fact: When April was 16, she won a Crayola name-a-crayon contest for the Baltimore area.

The winning name? Ravenous Purple.

Contact April with questions about:

University Open Houses/Marquee Days High school contacts with counselors/teachers
Agricuture Forward at Maryland Meetings with potential students and their parents
AGNR Majors and Programs College Park Scholars/Honors College
Campus visits  UNIV100


Heather Buchanan is the Coordinator for Undergraduate Academic Programs. Heather oversees undergraduate college-level student advising and tracking towards degree completion and bench marking. Heather also works with students guiding them through orientation and organizes Change of Major workshops, which help students adjust to their new programs. Additionally, Heather coordinates college-wide programming related to diversity and inclusion initiatives and commencement excercises. Heather earned her bachelor's degree from Frostburg State University where she studied Music and she is currently pursuing a second bachelor's degree in Graphic Communication through University of Maryland University College. You can contact Heather at 301-405-0117 or by email. 

Fun fact: Heather plays the trombone and is a member of the Washington Redskins Marching Band. Did you know that there are only two marching bands in the entire NFL? The second one is also right here in Maryland with the Baltmore Ravens!

Contact Heather with questions about: 

Major change workshops   Permission to enroll at another institution
New student orientation Exceptions to AGNR academic policy
Graduation clearances Student advising
AGNR commencement Scheduling & registration
CORE/GenEd audits UNIV100


Tyra Gallman is the Administrative Assistant to the Office of Academic Programs and the Associate Dean. Tyra helps with the daily operation of the Academic Programs office, including scheduling and student appointments, and is the contact for the Associate Dean. She also assists with planning for Ag Discovery and Maryland Day. Before coming to Maryland, Tyra worked with students at Howard University for eighteen years. She has always wanted to work at Maryland and was inspired to come to UMD by her friends and family who were employed by the university, including her grandmother, who worked at UMD for thirty years. Contact Tyra at 301-405-2078 or by email.

Fun Fact: Tyra is a freelance photographer and a gift basket designer. She enjoys taking photographs of people, flowers, animals and beautiful scenery. She has created gift baskets using jewelry boxes, baby bathtubs, ceramic containers and even Legos!

Contact Tyra with questions about:

Gen Ed Courses Graduate Student Questions/Services
College PCC Learning Outcomes Assessment (LOA)
University Teaching Apprenticeships (UTAP) Course Scheduling/changes
Curriculum questions College Honors program
Undergraduate research Certificate in International Agriculture
and Natural Resources


Hollin Roberts is the Scholarship Coordinator in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. She administers the AGNR Scholarship Program, serving as liaison between students and donors. Hollin helps coordinate the day-to-day management of the Academic Programs office, and assists with AGNR recruitment, Ag Day, student organizations, and alumni programs. Hollin studied Human Studies at St. Mary’s College of MD and worked previously for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Contact Hollin at 301-405-5308 or by email

Fun Fact: Hollin ran the Baltimore City Marathon in 2012.

Contact Hollin with questions about:

Student scholarships/grants
Student clubs & organizations
Catherine M. Brinkley Loan AGNR Student Council 
Student workers 
UTAP Program
Peer mentors
Ag Day/Maryland Day 
UNIV100 AGNR Fall Bash

AGNR Academics Program is a proud participant in the Green Office Program at UMD through the Office of Sustainability! Visit for more on sustainability at Maryland.

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