How to Work with us

If you would like to explore a project in any of our areas of expertise, please contact Graham Binder via email or phone. He will advise on how to proceed and recommend your best path forward.

For all  requests, there are TWO OPTIONS  for initiating projects with the AGNR Communications Team. If your project request is design related (i.e. flier, one-pager, annual report) please read through OPTION ONE  as we have a number of pre-formatted templates available. If your project falls outside the scope of our design templates, please scroll down to OPTION TWO.


Pre-formatted/Standard Project

We are building a collection of preformatted projects based on the past needs and requests of AGNR/UME faculty and staff. These Pre-formatted frameworks help us produce communications with consistent UMD/AGNR and/or UME branding and messaging.

The Available Pre-formatted Projects include:

  • One Sheet (One-sided)
  • One Sheet (Double-sided) 
  • Four Page Annual Report
  • Eight Page Annual Report
  • Double-side Flyer (can be modified for USPS mailing postcard) 

View the available Pre-formatted Project Frameworks here.

Preformatted Projects Coming in 2021

  • Digital Media Assets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Web Banner, 
    Email Header, Digital Screens)
  • Tabloid Poster
  • Brochure

Instructions for Requesting a Preformatted Project

The AGNR Comms Team can provide copywriting, editing, photography/illustration recommendations, branding, design, and production. PDF drafts will be submitted electronically for your review, two rounds of corrections will be provided. You will receive a cost estimate for printing, if requested. For scheduling purposes, please see this spreadsheet for approximate time frames for design and production of the Preformatted Projects.

1. Select an AGNR Preformatted Project that best fits your communication goal. 

2. Develop your message. The AGNR Comms Team writers can create your messaging from your outline or fine tune your edited, written content to AGNR style and standards. 

3. Complete the AGNR Preformatted Project Request Form, uploading your outline or edited copy, and any requested photos.

4. Submit the completed Project Request Form electronically by using the SUBMIT button at the end of the form.

A member of the AGNR Comms Team will contact you with any questions and a production schedule.


Unique Comprehensive Project

A Project that doesn’t fit any of the Pre-formatted Project frameworks will require an in-person meeting with an AGNR Communications Team member to determine the size and scope of your project. Our team will evaluate your communication goals and available resources. The team will make recommendations including scope of work, concept, format, design, production, and distribution. Some projects will require a written Creative Brief jointly developed by the project requester and the Comms Team. This ensures that all elements of the project are mutually understood. The Team will develop a production schedule and a cost estimate for your unique project.

Sample OPTION TWO Projects: Social Media Campaign, Science Writing, Marketing Campaign, Event Branding and Promotion, Web Page Development, Print Collateral (View Book, Lengthy Annual Report, Booklet/Brochure, Event Program, Formal Invitation), Trade Show Banner, Infographics, Illustration, Photography or Video Shoot