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Susan R. Harrison

Principal Agent Associate

Principal Agent Associate

Wye UM Extension 124 Wye Narrows Dr. Queenstown, Maryland 21658-0169

Executive Director

LEAD Maryland Foundation 124 Wye Narrows Drive Queenstown, Maryland 21658


  • LEAD Maryland Program
  • Public Issues Education
  • leadership fellowship
  • leadership development
  • LEAD Maryland Foundation
  • Wye REC
  • general agriculture, natural resources, rural community leadership

Susan R. Harrison, Principal Agent Associate, University of Maryland Extension 

Harrison is also appointed to serve as the Executive Director of the LEAD Maryland Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. As a partnership program, the LEAD Maryland Fellowship Program provides educational leadership development fellowships to increase the numbers and capacity of leaders serving agriculture, natural resources, and rural communities. Over a two-year period, LEAD Fellows complete a series of multi-day seminars in Maryland and Wash DC, plus an international study tour. Harrison has led the LEAD Maryland Program since 1998, with responsibilities to work with volunteers, funders, Fellows and other educators; to develop, implement, and evaluate program curriculum; and to secure grants, contributions, and other revenue sources to fund the program.

The Harrison family lives, farms, participates in 4-H, and has additional community roles in Talbot County, Maryland.