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Rohan V. Tikekar

Associate Professor and Extension Specialist

Associate Professor and Extension Specialist

Nutrition & Food Science 0112 Skinner Building 4300 Chapel Lane College Park, Maryland 20742-7521


  • Food Science
  • Food Preservation
  • Foodborne Pathogens
  • Food systems


  • Ph. D. in Food Science, 2010, Pennsylvania State University
  • MS in Food Science, 2006, Rutgers-the State University of New Jersey
  • B. Tech. Food Technology and Engineering, 2004, Institute of Chemical Technology


  • Development of novel processing technologies and ingredients to enhance food safety and quality
  • Develop novel photochemical processes for inactivation of microorganisms in fresh produce
  • Investigate the impact on non-thermal food processing technologies such as ultraviolet light and cold-plasma processing on enzyme activity, contaminant reduction, and textural changes in foods
  • Develop fundamental understanding of ingredient interactions during food processing and evaluate their impact on food quality
  • Understand the nature of redox reactions occurring in foods during processing operations and their effect on foods
  • Improve the stability and delivery of bioactive compounds through optimized encapsulation systems developed using novel ingredients or ingredient properties

The updated list of publications from our lab can be found here:


  • Technical assistance to food processing operations


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