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Puneet Srivastava

Prof & Associate Dean for Research and Associate Director of MAES

Associate Director

Agricultural Experiment Station 1201 Symons Hall Street 7998 Regents Drive College Park, MD 20742-3131

Dr. Puneet Srivastava is the Associate Dean for Research and Associate Director of Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. As the Associate Dean for Research and Associate Director of MAES, Srivastava provides leadership to the agricultural and natural resources research programs in the college, coordinates interdepartmental and interdisciplinary projects, and integrates research policies, priorities, and programs with those of the Dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the Associate Dean of Academic Programs, and the Associate Dean of the University of Maryland Extension. He also coordinates on- and off-campus research and education centers, identifies potential funding sources, stimulates submission of grant applications for extramural funding, and identifies strategic research priorities for the college.

Srivastava came to the University of Maryland from Auburn University where he was the Director of the Water Resources Center. He was also the Butler-Cunningham Eminent Scholar in Agriculture and the Environment in the College of Agriculture and a Professor in the Biosystems Engineering Department at Auburn University. Srivastava is a Fellow of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers and a Fellow of the Alabama Academy of Science.


Current & Recent Projects

Puneet at farm

Dr. Srivastava has provided his expertise and leadership in numerous research projects and initiatives.

Current and recent projects include:

Past Projects

NRT: Addressing resiliency to climate-related hazards and disasters through data-informed decision making ($2,998,770 funded by NSF-NRT; Srivastava, Co-PI)

Agricultural Water Security through Sustainable Use of the Floridan Aquifer: An Integrated Assessment of Economic and Environmental Impacts ($5,000,000 funded by USDA-NIFA; Srivastava, Co-PI (Auburn PI))

Increasing adoption of climate- and water-smart irrigation practices among Tennessee Valley Farmers ($946,684 funded by USDA NRCS-CIG; Srivastava, Co-PI)

Elucidating Colloidal-Facilitated Phosphorus Migration in Soils Through X-ray Computed Tomography and Hydrus Modeling ($500,000 funded by USDA-AFRI; Srivastava, Co-PI)

A Prototype Framework of Climate Services for Decision Making ($150,000 funded by AU-PAIR, Co-PI)

Environmental Evaluation and Watershed Assessment for Irrigation Expansion and Resource Conservation in Alabama ($1,500,000 funded by USDA-NRCS, Co-PI)

Forecasting Continental Inundation Mapping with the Modified HAND Method ($40,000 funded by NOAA COMET; Srivastava, Co-PI)

Increasing adoption of climate- and water-smart irrigation practices among Alabama Farmers ($50,000 funded by AAES; Srivastava, Co-PI)

Evaluating practical approaches for farm bacterial testing in support of the FSMA Produce Safety Rules ($50,000 funded by AAES AgR-SEED; Srivastava, PI)

Evaluation of Agricultural Best Management Practices on Water Quality in the Southeast US ($50,000 funded by AAES AgR-SEED; Srivastava, Co-PI)

Fingerprinting Sources of Suspended and Stream Bed Sediment in the Southeast US ($80,000 Funded by AU-IGP; Srivastava, Co-PI)

Climate change impacts on water resources of the southeastern United States ($50,000 funded by AAES; Srivastava, PI)

Managing Drought in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint (ACF) River Basin through the Development of Improved Drought Indicators and Policy Alternatives  ($285,000 funded by NOAA-SARP; Srivastava, PI)

Research in Support of NIDIS Drought Early Warning System for the Southeast ($100,000 funded by NIDIS; Srivastava, PI)

Transforming Biology-Based Engineering Education Using a Hybrid Pedagogical Approach ($142,760 funded by USDA-HEC; Srivastava, PI)

Forecasting Stream flows in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin Using Ensemble Streamflow Predictions ($364,000 funded by NIDIS; Srivastava, PI)

Reducing Drought Risks in the Southeast USA: Quantification of Drought Information Value, Development of Drought Indices, and Communication of Drought Information ($275,000 funded by NOAA; Srivastava, PI)

SECC-RISA: Science and partnerships for adaptation and resilience to climate change and climate variability ($4 million funded by NOAA; Srivastava, Co-PI)

Economic, Engineering and Extension Applications of Improved Climate Forecasting ($195,000 funded by USDA-NIFA; Srivastava, PI)

Identifying Flood Generating Areas in 8-Mile Creek Watershed through a Novel Approach ($150,000 funded by MS-AL Sea Grant Program; Srivastava, Co-PI)

Modeling Climate and Land Use Change Impact on Hydrology and Water Quality Characteristics across an Urban-Rural Gradient ($105,000 funded by Center for Forest Sustainability; Srivastava, PI)

Next generation biological engineering research through renovation of laboratories at Auburn University ($4.6 million funded by NSF: Srivastava, Co-PI)


Current Graduate Students

Puneet with team

Dr. Srivastava has worked with numerous students over the years, providing them a path for success in fields of study. 

Past Graduate Students

Past Post-Docs/Visiting Scholars/Support Staff

Publications and CV


Dr. Srivastava has been published or referenced in the following research publications: