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Dr. Monica K VanKlompenberg

Senior Lecturer

Senior Lecturer and Internship Coordinator

1403 Animal & Avian Sciences 1403 AnSc/AgEn Building 8127 Regents Drive College Park, Maryland 20742


  • 2013, Ph.D., Animal Biology, University of California, Davis

  • 2008, B.S., Animal Science, Michigan State University

  • 2022 - PresentSenior Lecturer and Internship Coordinator, Department of Animal and Avian Sciences, University of Maryland
  • 2016-2022, Lecturer and Internship Coordinator, Department of Animal and Avian Sciences, University of Maryland
  • 2013-2016, Postdoctoral Fellow, Indiana University – School of Medicine, South Bend
  • 2008-2013, Graduate Researcher, University of California, Davis


  • 2023.    Paul R. Poffenberger Teaching and Advising Excellence Award
  • 2022     NACTA Educator Award
  • 2022     AGNR Student Council Outstanding Club Advisor
  • 2021     AGNR Student Technology Fee Grant 
  • 2021     UMD LAUNCH Certificate, UMD Provost Office
  • 2020     UMD Provost Office Teaching Innovations Grant
  • 2019     AGNR On Campus PTK  Excellence Award
  • 2012     2nd Place Ph.D. Student Oral Presentation, American Dairy Science Association
  • 2012     Tucker Appreciation Club Travel Award
  • 2011     National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow International Travel Award


Current Course Offerings:

  • ANSC212/214 - Applied Animal Physiology Lecture and Laboratory (Spring)
  • ANSC262 - Commercial Poultry Management (Spring)
  • ANSC359 - Internship Experience in Animal and Avian Sciences (Fall, Spring, and Summer)
  • ANSC379 - Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Seminar
  • ANSC417 - Regulatory Issues in Animal Care and Management (Fall)
  • ANSC443 - Physiology of Lactation (Spring)
  • ANSC446 - Physiology of Mammalian Reproduction (Fall)
  • ANSC450 - Animal Breeding Plans (Fall)

Previous Course Offerings

  • ANSC379 - Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Seminar
  • ANSC444/644 - Domestic Animal Endocrinology
  • ANSC452 - Avian Physiology                 


  • VanKlompenberg, M.K., 2023. Using Google Sites as a platform for creating team projects in upper-level courses. North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Annual Meeting. Las Cruces, NM. Poster
  • VanKlompenberg, M.K. 2022. Innovative Internship Experience: Combining Scholarship with Practice. North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Annual Meeting. Wooster, OH. Poster - Presented Virtually
  • McLean, M. and VanKlompenberg, M.K. 2022. University of Maryland Innovations in Teaching and Learning Conference, Classroom Escape Rooms Using Google Forms as a method to improve student engagement in varying class sizes. Workshop
  • VanKlompenberg, M.K. 2020. Increasing Student Engagement in Online Courses Using a Digital Escape Room. Michigan State University Department of Animal Science Teaching Seminar Series. Invited Virtual Talk.

Grants and Fellowships

  • 2023   College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Student Technology Grant         “Using ultrasound technology to enhance student learning” $17,500

  • 2021    College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Student Technology Grant. “Expanding Student Experiences and Skills Through Animal Simulation Technology” $14,636.97

  • 2020     Teaching Innovations Grant, UMD Provost Office. Awarded to develop ANSC446 and ANSC447 for Fall 2020. Funding supported Dr. Monica VanKlompenberg as PI and Megan McLean, ANSC Lab Coordinator. University of Maryland, College Park, MD, $10,477.86

    2018 - 2019     Elevate Fellowship for Course Redesign of ANSC 212/214 Applied Animal Physiology at University of Maryland, College Park, MD, $8000

  • 2010     National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

  • 2008     UC Davis Graduate Scholars Fellowship


  • Astarita, E. M., Maloney, S. M., Hoover, C. A., Berkeley, B. J., VanKlompenberg, M. K., Nair, T. M., & Prosperi, J. R. (2021). Adenomatous Polyposis Coli loss controls cell cycle regulators and response to paclitaxel in MDA-MB-157 metaplastic breast cancer cells. PloS one, 16(8), e0255738.
  • VanKlompenberg, M.K., E. Leyden, A.H. Arnason, J-T Zhang, C.D. Stefanski & J.R. Prosperi. 2017. APC loss in breast cancer leads to doxorubicin resistance via STAT3 activation. Oncotarget 8(61):1028680-102879.
  • VanKlompenberg, M.K., R. Manjarin, C.E. Donovan, J.F. Trott and R.C. Hovey. 2016. Regulation and localization of vascular endothelial growth factor within the mammary glands during the transition from late gestation to lactation. Domestic Animal Endocrinology, 54:37-47.
  • VanKlompenberg, M.K., C.O. Bedalov, K. Fernandaz-Soto and J.R. Prosperi. 2015: APC mediates chemotherapeutic responsiveness of breast cancer. BMC Cancer 15:457.
  • Schennink, A., J.F. Trott, G.E. Berryhill, C.E. Donovan, R. Manjarin, M.K. VanKlompenberg, A.R. Rowson-Hodel, M-Y.O Luis, and R.C. Hovey. 2015. Alcohol intake stimulates epithelial proliferation in an authentic model of the human breast. Reproductive Toxicology 54:93-100.
  • Cánovas, A., G. Rincón, C. Bevilacqua, A. Islas-Trejo, P. Brenaut, R.C. Hovey, M. Boutinaud, M.K. VanKlompenberg, P. Martin and J.F. Medrano.2014. Comparison of five different RNA sources to examine the lactating bovine mammary gland transcriptome using RNA-Sequencing. Sci. Rep. 4:5297.
  • VanKlompenberg M.K., R. Manjarin, J.F. Trott, H.F. McMicking and R.C. Hovey. 2013. Late-gestational hyperprolactinemia accelerates mammary epithelial cell differentiation that leads to increased milk yield. J Anim Sci. 91(3):1102-1111.
  • Berger, T., A. Conley, M. Van Klompenberg, J.F. Roser and R.C. Hovey. 2013. Increased testicular sertoli cell population induced by an estrogen receptor antagonist. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology. 366(1):53-58.
  • Trott J.F., A. Schennink, W.K. Petrie, R. Manjarin, M.K. VanKlompenberg and R.C. Hovey. 2012. Prolactin: The multi-faceted potentiator of mammary growth and function. J Anim Sci. 90(5):1674-86.
  • VanKlompenberg, M.K., H.F. McMicking and R.C. Hovey. 2012. A vacuum-assisted approach for biopsying the mammary glands of various species. J Dairy Sci. 95(1):243-246.